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When The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work For You

An oil painting on canvas by Wenzel Peter, "Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden," and displayed in the  Pinacoteca section of the Vatican Museum,  measures 336-by-247 centimeters.

An oil painting on canvas by Wenzel Peter, “Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden,” and displayed in the Pinacoteca section of the Vatican Museum, measures 336-by-247 centimeters.

So you’ve read all the books, watched the movies, written up your gratitude lists, and still what you want has not showed up on your doorstep.

You’re convinced that the law of attraction doesn’t work. It’s a bunch of hooey.

Actually — No.

It is working.

Then why are you not getting what you want to show up in your life?

The law of attraction is not about the things you do to make sure it’s working.

It’s not about “works.”

If you only did this, or did that, or stood on your head and said, thank you, thank you, thank you to the Universe until you were red in the face… or affirmed your positive statements 1,000 times over, you would have what you want.

Nope that’s not gonna work either.

Since the advent of The Secret people have tried over and over to make the law of attraction work in their life. And they’re getting nowhere.

And getting frustrated. They’ve turned away from the law thinking it doesn’t work, that it is a bunch of new age woo-woo stuff.

That’s not true either.

The problem starts with the idea that there is something you can DO to make the law of attraction work.

There isn’t. The law of attraction is not about a “doing” thing. Do you have to DO anything to make gravity work, or the sun to come up each morning? Nope.  How about breathing, your heart beating, your muscles moving when you want to walk somewhere?

You do not think about those actions at all because you know that they “just happen,” without you trying to control things. The law of attraction is not about manipulation — you trying to manipulate the universe into giving you what you want.

It’s like trying to push a river. You don’t have to — it flows by itself.

So how does it work?

The law of attraction works by giving you what you are. What you emit. The energy that you put out most of the time.  Your dominant thoughts and feelings actually create the experiences and events in your life.

And — for the most of us — our dominant thoughts and feelings aren’t really ours to begin with. We’ve been handed them by others.

Living here on Earth, we experience what the sages call duality. Let’s look at a story that explains this beautifully.

When Adam and Eve were in the garden they were told they could eat of the tree of Life, but to not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The funny thing is — the tree of Life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil are the same tree. It’s how you approach it that determines what fruit you eat.

The knowledge of good and evil are two things, separate and distinct. Duality. Two things. But the tree of Life is not. It does not separate the good from the evil because there is no judgment going on. Life consists of ups and downs, hide tides and low tides, things we deem good and things we deem bad. When you live in this world, you are shuffled from good to bad and back again.

But when you eat of the tree of Life — the good and the bad are no longer separate — they are one thing. Which allows the Universe to flow through EVERY aspect of your life and work its wonders through what some people would call bad. I know you’ve heard stories of how terrible, terrible things have befallen someone you know — only to have them say — “it was the best thing that happened to me.”

When you focus on dividing life up into segments of good and bad, you are at the mercy of your own tortured thoughts.

BUT if you allow yourself to relax, not judge what shows up in your life, you can find the hidden gems, the silver lining and the great gifts often hidden in the seemingly darkest shroud.

The problem starts with us. Because we’ve been born into this duality — this judgment — we have a choice. We can live at the whims of duality or we can recognize that we are experiencing life.

We are even split in two. We have two sides of the brain, a male side and  a female side, a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. The logical and creative sides of our brain. The conscious mind is the captain on the bridge of our ship. The unconscious mind is everything else — the ship and crew that run it.

When we arrive here on earth, our subconscious mind — the part of us that connects us to the Universe and everything else — is a clean slate.  It does not have the capability of creating duality. It does not judge, it just performs. As we grow, our parents and other authorities, our friends and other people, hand us a script. These people shuffle onto us their own lacks, limitations, beliefs and ideas. Our little subconscious, at the direction of our conscious mind, “well this must be right because my mom or dad said so, or so-and-so expert or authority says its true” grab these ideas from our conscious mind to make them happen. Like the captain on the bridge giving direction to the crew, our conscious mind tells our subconscious what it believes and therefore, what it must carry out on our behalf.

So when you repeat your affirmations a hundred times over, but what’s in your subconscious mind already has a different set of rules that contradict that command, you end up with the same old stuff you’ve always been getting. The subconscious rails back in defiance — “that’s a lie!”

You have to take charge of your conscious mind to reprogram your subconscious. This doesn’t happen merely by saying a bunch of words you don’t believe.   You have to keep at it for as long as it takes. A few affirmations here and there just won’t work.

In the beginning, it requires faith. Yep, there I said it. FAITH. TRUST. BELIEF that the law works — and the commitment to yourself and whatever program you choose to help get different results in your life.

I do not care what program you decide upon to help you change your world. If you do it for just a day or two, and then say “this stuff doesn’t work,” then it won’t. How long it takes for you to achieve what you what in life, depends specifically on how much crap was stuffed into your subconscious. You have to rewrite that hard drive with new information. The hard drive never goes bad, but until you remove the viruses, you’ll keep getting the results you do not want.

You need to overwrite that hard drive with new information.

Just like an athlete who trains for the Olympics, you need to do the same when you decide to consciously work with the law of attraction. The athlete trains over and over, repeating the same motions until his body responds automatically. He’s using the power of his conscious mind to program his subconscious. It’s not really that much different.

Most people won’t. They give up — usually just before the results arrive.

Another way to think of your conscious mind and your subconscious is this: Your conscious mind is the gardener and the subconscious the garden. The thoughts and feelings you have are the seeds for your new experiences. If you plant them in the garden, and don’t water them, how do you expect them to grow? Or if you dig them up to see if they are growing, you kill them. Go ahead, throw acid on them, see what happens. The gardener that wants to harvest his garden knows to tend it every day, water the seeds, kill the weeds and feed the garden with nourishment. It really doesn’t take much — and in just a few weeks you have sprouts and as little as 90 days you have a harvest.

It all depends on the seeds you plant. For example, if you plant an asparagus plant and expect to harvest in 90 days — and it doesn’t happen, you suffer disappointment. Asparagus takes two years to fruition — radishes as little as three weeks. It all depends on what you plant and how you feed it. Each seed to its own.

If your heart is not in the work you are doing, how can you expect positive results?

When you decide to make a change in your life. When you decide that you want something different, you need to commit to yourself — no matter what — that you will get there. You need to tend the garden every day. The seeds respond, because not only do they recognize the energy of commitment — they get what they need to flourish.

It may take awhile to turn that ocean liner of yours around in the ocean, but with dedication and commitment to your goals, desires and chosen technique or methodology, you will succeed.

It’s not the program, the technique OR the method. Anything will work. If you lack commitment — if you don’t turn the wheel on the bridge, and don’t give the commands to the crew, how can the ship turn around?