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What is The Law of Attraction?

dreamstime_4748490A lot of people misunderstand what the Law of Attraction is all about.

They think that if they ask for something from the universe they will get it.  While this is essentially true, what they don’t understand is that it is not just about their “verbiage.”

The law of attraction doesn’t work just because you verbalized a request.

It’s more than just words.  It’s about vibrations.  You know the term from the 60’s – vibes.  What are you emanating into the Universe?  What are your vibes?

Everything in this universe “vibrates” or resonates at a certain frequency.   Your thoughts and your feelings are a signal sent into the universe as a vibration that acts like a magnet to draw back to you the very thing you are aligning to.

The law of attraction is based upon the law of cause and effect.  For every cause there is a resultant effect.  And for every effect there is always a cause.

It’s very simple when you get down to it:

  1. It is a law of the universe.
  2. It is always working.
  3. It doesn’t take belief to make it work.
  4. It works the same for everyone, good or bad.
  5. It cannot be changed.

The way it works is this:  when you have a thought that you focus on a lot and add feeling to that thought you are sending a magnetic request out into the universe that will draw back to you exactly what you are thinking and feeling.

Like the picture above, you draw to you what you focus on with great feeling.  The more focused the thought and feeling, the bigger the magnet.  Your focused thought and feeling are the magnet drawing to you whatever is in harmonic vibration with the magnet (the thought or feeling).

As a divine child of the universe, creation is your natural state.  The power that creates worlds flows through your being.  Your thoughts combined with feelings are powerful attractors.   Ever thought of something briefly only to have it show up in your experience within a few minutes?  Bet you weren’t paying attention or you would have noticed.  This is the law of attraction at work in your life.

Everything that is in your life in this moment is a result of something you desired and felt strongly about, one way or another.

Your thought imbued with emotion sends an ATTRACTING VIBRATION out into the quantum field that acts like a magnet to draw back to you the very same thing.

For instance, a man can visualize a sexual scenario in his head without touching his body in any way yet a subsequent physical reaction will occur in his body.  The thought combined with the feeling creates a physical manifestation.

The law of attraction works the same way with everything that you think and feel.  The stronger the thought and feeling, the bigger the vibration, the faster the subsequent manifestation into your life – allowing of course that your beliefs are such that you are not blocking the arrival of this person, place, thing, event, or circumstance in your life.

A belief is a thought you just keep thinking over and over.  If your dominant thoughts fall along the lines of  I’m not good enough or any other such thoughts of self degradation, this can act as a block to the good thing that you desire.

Or you can get the thing you desire but it is rampant with problems that underlie your most prevalent feelings of lack of self-worth.  You need to understand that the vibration you send out is what you get back.

Like in John Lennon‘s song, Instant Karma – what you put out into the Universe will surely find it’s way back to you.  If you’re putting out good vibes, you will get good vibes back.  If you’re putting out “bad” vibes, you’ll get bad vibes back.

The universe always says yes to you, regardless of what you are thinking.   Follow along with me as I play this game based upon the thinking process (the italics are the thoughts – the Universe always answers YES):

I’m not a lucky guy. YES.  I have a terrible golf swing. YES.  My boss is such an a** he is always picking on me. YES.  I can’t seem to get ahead. YES.

These thoughts are loaded with self-recrimination and self-doubt, huge pools of emotion – so this guy is creating scenarios in his life whereby he will continue to experience exactly what he is thinking and feeling.

The trick is to CHANGE YOUR THINKING.  We’re not talking just positive thinking here.  We’re talking changing the way you THINK about everything – once you understand that your thoughts and emotions are magnets for events, circumstances, things, people, and places to show up in your life, doesn’t it make you want to take charge of what’s going in and out of that head of yours?

If you find yourself thinking good things and feeling good things and bad things keep showing up in your life, it is because you have some deep unconscious beliefs about yourself and your world that you need to resolve or change.

But truthfully, the easiest way to make the law of attraction work to your gain is to start living your life with appreciation and gratitude for all that you have in your life.

Thankfulness is the key to receiving all that you desire.  Start and finish your day with a list of things you are grateful for and you will be amazed at how soon your life changes for the better.  But please note:  you cannot lie.  If you truly are not feeling gratitude, but just providing lip service, the only person you are fooling is you.  Remember – it’s not your words – it’s your vibes.  And the Universe always responds based upon vibrations.

Don’t believe me?  Read Victor Frankl‘s Man’s Search for Meaning – and maybe you’ll develop an appreciation for the freedom you have in this moment to read this article on the internet right now.  The simple act of heart-felt appreciation and gratitude will do wonders for the weariest of souls.