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Using the Law of Attraction To Attract What You Want

Using the law of attractionEverything in the movie The Secret was correct. Everything. It just doesn’t explain the nuts and bolts of the detail. You can learn to use the law of attraction to attract what you want.

Understand this Basic Premise
Understand this basic premise and this will change your life. Like the sun, the law of attraction is always on, it is always working. You can’t turn it off. Even if it seemingly disappears behind a cloud, behind the earth, the sun is always on. It is the same with the law of attraction. In fact, no one on earth has the power to turn it off.

What that means to you is this: this power is equally available for everyone to use. It’s an “always on” power that shines on the good and bad alike. Period. No favorites are played with this law, just like the sun. It shines on everything equally.

How It Works
It works like this: your thoughts married to your emotions create feelings in your heart center that are sent out to the Universe. This feeling, this energy, this quantum package goes out into the universe to bring you back a match to its energy. It’s only job is to bring back a match to the feeling you experienced to begin with.

But I’m Thinking and Feeling, Yet Not Manifesting
To receive what you’ve requested, you’ve got to be a “match” to it. If what you sent out to the universe in a moment of clarity comes back to you, but you no longer are a match to it, what you will experience is it’s exact opposite.

With this manifestation process what you get back is what you focus on and are aligned with. Each desire that we have is created from the lack of it in our lives. So then each desire is comprised or made up of the “good” part and the “bad” part. The bad part being the reason you desired the good part in the first place.

If you’re not in harmony with your original desire, you can’t experience it. What you will experience is the contrast or the negative that caused the original desire. Think of it like this: dogs can hear dog whistles but most humans can’t. The reason? The whistle is based upon a frequency outside of the human hearing range.

It doesn’t mean the whistle “sound” doesn’t exist – it just means you can’t hear it because you’re not hearing the “frequency” upon which it’s deployed. The same with your desires: what you’ve asked for is either in your life or on its way and to receive it, you must be “in frequency” with it!

You’ve got to be feeling the feelings of having it in your life. That is why in the movie, The Secret they tell you to go to the new car dealer, get into the car and experience “it” emotionally. Feel the feelings of new car ownership, be thankful and stay in that place as if you owned it already.

Upgrade Your Feelings
If you’re experiencing negative vibes emotionally, then that means you’re not in alignment with what you’ve requested. You’re out of tune, so that when what you desire shows up, you’ll experience the exact opposite!

If you could take a moment and switch your focus to positive feelings, through whatever means possible that is uplifting, you can actually begin to get more of that good stuff you’ve requested showing up in your life!

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