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Understanding and Using the Law of Attraction

Understanding and using the law of attractionHere’s what we created using the law of attraction.  We’re a crazy lot, my husband and I, doing things that most others wouldn’t dare.  We had no prior construction experience and we built our three-story dream house ourselves.  This was OUR DREAM. Most people wouldn’t do this, as they want everything handed to them on a silver platter.

The law of attraction works for everything, absolutely everything.  Remember that life is a journey — not a destination.  To achieve your desires, all you need do is to commit to them.  The law of attraction will bring you what it is you need to know when you need to know it.

Most people after watching the movie The Secret think that they can just go out there and snap their fingers for their desires. When this doesn’t happen immediately, they walk away and say “this stuff doesn’t work.”

Unfortunately for them, that is not the truth
. Oftentimes when this happens, they’ve learned just enough about the laws of the universe to put themselves into a position to create more havoc in their lives.

The rules of the universe are pretty simple. The universe doesn’t recognize NO, NOT or anything with a negative connotation. Source Energy is not split into good and bad, dark and light, God and the Devil.  This is the first mistake that most people make when they think of Source Energy.

Religion has nothing whatsoever to do with the true nature of Source. Religion is a thing created by man to control other men. We are eternal beings, each and every one of us. Our spirits don’t die — but (currently) our bodies do. And living here gives us the feeling that we are separate from everyone and everything else. This is also a falsehood. Religion works to keep this feeling of separation alive.

The reason religion works to keep this feeling of separation alive is because they would be out of business if they didn’t.

Religion doesn’t like people who go direct to the Source.  I am speaking here of your basic Christian, Muslim, or other Traditional Religions that place a Priest, a Pastor, or some Religious Leader between you and your Source. They don’t like you going direct because what purpose would they then serve? You don’t need anyone to have a direct relationship with Source, that is unless you are a sheep and prefer being told what to think and believe.

I am fully aware that I create my own reality. Source does not do this for me.  Source energy flows through me, empowers me, and allows me to pick and choose what it is that I want to experience.

I’ve had great stuff happen in my life, and I’ve had some not-so-great stuff happen as well.  But as life continues for me, things do just keep getting better and better.

I first learned about creating my own reality in the mid-seventies — but I didn’t discover the tools to help me understand the way to consciously create my desires until 1983.

Thus began another segment of my journey that led me deep into some the darkest nights of my soul. I had the joy of discovering that Source really is present in all things, both good and bad — and that good and bad are just terms we’ve used to describe the front and backside of  God.

I learned that it was necessary to focus on the things you wanted rather than on the things you don’t want. You think it sounds easy, right? It can be if you are paying conscious attention to what you are thinking and feeling.

Unless you can fully surrender to the joy that life has to offer, and allow yourself to only experience joy without resistance to things you perceive as “bad”, it’s really not that easy. In order to achieve your dreams, it becomes necessary to not only focus on what you want, but to remove the self-sabotage that is occurring.

Self sabotage happens when one’s sub-conscious has a different agenda from the one you are holding consciously. 90% of our being resides below the consciousness, so the key then is to bring this area into the light.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Your sub-conscious holds within it the energy patterns created by you from your earliest childhood days on.  If you underwent any kind of emotional trauma as a child, any kind, then you have registered a survival mechanism for coping with life.  This survival mechanism operates automatically, without your conscious awareness.

Then as you mature, your life continually presents circumstances that reinforce this energy pattern, along with others, and pretty soon, you have a whole subliminal program running that is actually creating your life for you.

This is why, when you go to achieve what it is you want in life, that negative stuff or events occur that prevent it.

You need to remove these programs if you want to proceed. Or, to not activate them, live in total joy and acceptance of all that happens.  Most people simply cannot do this.

On this site, you will find access to many programs to help you do just that.  The key thing to remember is that it’s not that one program is better than the other — it’s finding what resonates with you.  Each and every one of us are different and therefore finding a match  to something that will work for you is paramount.

You may enroll in a program and not achieve results with it.  It’s not because the program doesn’t work — it’s because it doesn’t work for you.

If you take the time to establish a relationship with your Source, however you perceive it to be, and trust that when you ask Source a question, or for assistance, that you will find the answer you need.  Source will provide you the direction and the next step in your journey: you need but ask.

A program I am currently enrolled in to take me to that next level is called the Prosperity Tribe. It is NOT a program for everybody or the feint of heart. It costs $97 a month (with the first month start-up cost of only $47) because it requires your commitment.

The Prosperity Tribe is a program for those who wish to get to the heart of their issues, uncover what is keeping them from moving forward, and begin to manifest what it is they truly desire.

If you have been pretty successful in your life, but have found that you have a “ceiling” preventing you from getting to that next level, and are willing to commit to do the work necessary to get there, then the Prosperity Tribe is for you.

I’m here to tell you that since I enrolled in this program, I have had huge success in the areas of creating opportunities and flows of new income into our lives.

This is a very special program, led by two very special people: David and Kristin Morelli, both of whom put their money where their mouth is. A multi-millionaire couple, David and Kristin are teaching those in the Prosperity Tribe to dig down deep to find the hidden treasure within. This is a gift that only those of strong heart can obtain.

Go to www.LittleBookofBecoming.com to get your copy of my book that will teach you the principles we used to create our dream house.