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I simply can’t say enough good stuff about the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Last week I had my first live EFT session with Chip Engelmann, M.A., CNC. (Keep your eye peeled to the upper left corner – I’ll be posting an interview with EFTChip there soon)   If you haven’t experienced a one-on-one session with an EFT practitioner you’re missing something special.   Give yourself this gift for Valentine’s Day, go out and pick up a package of sessions with an EFT practitioner and quickly (and I mean quickly) rid yourself of some of those core issues that are causing huge resistance in your life.  You’re going to see some dramatic changes, oftentimes in a few MOMENTS!

Or go out and buy Try It On Everything, an EFT movie that chronicles the journey ten people take over four days of using EFT led by a panel of EFT practitioners.  You can tap right along with them!

Nicholas Ortner, creator and executive producer of  Try It On Everything recruited the help of his best friend Nick Polizzi and his sister Jessica Maya Ortner to get this project going.  The three of them set out on this adventure that usually takes a big budget and experts to complete. Their personal passion for sharing this groundbreaking information led them every step of the way.

Their perseverance and enthusiasm caught the attention of great writers, EFT practitioners, doctors and scientists who were willing to share their own powerful experiences with EFT.

Read what others have said:

It is AMAZING! I just watched the video and you did an AWESOME job!! I tapped along and released a few of my own blocked emotions. I have released a 12 year battle with neck pain over the last 4 months!! and am now facing a few more issues and celebrate every day the healing in my self. Thank you for this inspiring work. You touched on many of our human issues we carry and your participants will continue to recieve the benefits as we tap with them and for them ~ everytime!

Blessings and Gratitude from the bottom of my heart!”  Marypat

“I’ve finally had the opportunity to view Try It On Everything, and I am completely blown away and excited about this program. You have done a tremendous job of conveying both the simplicity and the power of this incredible modality. Your DVD is a winner!

I loved your introduction to all the participants at the beginning, and watching them go through their transformations. They looked like different people at the end. I was also pleased that there was a variety of experiences; that for some people the weekend created opportunities for huge shifts and for others, it was a wonderful beginning to a new way of life. I will look on the website to see how they are doing!

Thank you for this wonderful DVD — I plan on wearing this one out and ordering another very soon.”   With gratitude, Ellen

Since the Law of Attraction is a universal law and it works regardless of whether you think it does, what are you attracting?  And what are you doing about it?  Me, I’m removing my resistance, the wall I’ve built between me and some of my deepest desires one block at a time!

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