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Three Techniques That Will Put The Law Of Attraction In Action In Your Home Based Biz

Starting a web home based business can be a enjoyable time in your life, or it could be a frustrating time. It all depends on how you think and act, as these are the determining factors of home based business success and achievement. Using the Universal Law of Attraction when starting a web home business can make you much more effective and successful. Follow these 3 techniques to access the powerful Universal LOA in your web home based business and financial pursuits…

Technique #1- Write down all of the benefits that you expect to have when you create a very successful, thriving, and profitable home based business. Be as specific as your can possible. We all want different things and that of course is perfectly fine. It may be to become debt free and financially independent, it may be to buy a brand new car of your choice, it may be to buy a home. Maybe your intentions are to spend more time with your family, enjoy more free time, and to be more generous with those around you. Whatever you really want to achieve with your home based business, write it on a piece of paper or in a journal.

Method #2- Think constantly about the benefits that you are seeking. This shouldn’t be hard considering they are all things that you personally want. Imagine about having them, pretend that you do, and get as excited as possible understanding that you will have everything that you desire. For a moment, think back to a time when you ordered something, maybe from the Internet or a catalog, that you were very excited about getting in the mail. Do remember how you felt each day, checking the mail with eager anticipation, knowing that what you wanted was on the way? That is the type of emotion that you should feel when thinking about all of the benefits of reaching your goals and reasons for starting a home biz. Know that they are coming, and be thrilled about getting them.

Tactic #3- Instantly replace negative, pessimistic thoughts with ones full of positive energy and hope. Often times people get frustrated when the results they are seeking don’t show up exactly when they thought they would. They start to have doubts, and they engage in negative thinking. Two things happen when this occurs. The first is that they actually push the things farther away from them, so that it will be even longer in waiting. Even worse, many people decide to give up completely, never even giving themselves the smallest possibility of success. Make sure that this does not happen to you. Anytime negative thoughts try to creep in, kill them instantly by replacing your thoughts with positive ones. Imagine again everything that you are wanting as if you have them, and then feel good about the fact that you will have them every single time.

Method #4-Build up your confidence. When your confidence is high, you will expect more and will therefore have more. Confident thought is positive thinking, and that is the only type of thinking that is beneficial to us. There are a couple methods that you can build your confidence. One is to remember past successes. Think about things in the past that you have done well, areas that you have excelled with. Everyone can think of something. Next, take a personal inventory of your great qualities. No doubt we all have our pros and cons. Think about your high points, the things that you are proud of. And lastly, seek confidence and motivation from uplifting books. Personal development books have a great way to stimulate your belief in yourself, and they put your mind in a positive train of thinking.

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