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Three Powerful Happiness Tools To Get Law Of Attraction Into Action

Law of Attraction says that where you focus, you will experience more of what you are thinking about. Sadness begets more sadness. Happiness begets more happiness. These powerful tools for feeling happier will rocket launch your ability to harness the power of the Law of Attraction in your life, so your dreams can step into your reality.

Start every day and end every day with a happiness quotation. Focus your energy on wisdom from source (your own meditations) or from an external source you trust.

Stop giving negative thoughts, emotions and self-criticisms so much power. Honor thoughts of happiness, joy and peace by believing in them. When a negative, mean or critical idea is in your mind, look at it with a neutral “hmmm” sensation, and replace it with a happiness quotation, idea, or concept.

For example, one happiness quotation (found at happiness quotations) is that every action is an expression of love or a call for love. So, instead of thinking “wow that person is really despicable” you might think “that person really needs love, I’ll send them a virtual hug.” Does your body feel different when you send forgiveness and a hug verses a judging thought?

We were all raised by someone, and most people were raised with thousands of critical ideas, concepts and thoughts that flood the mind. You can see how critical mind shapes behavior just by watching a child draw. A child who has a strong critical mind starts thinking they don’t draw as well as others, and may stop all together. Consider the magic you can unleash when you hush your critical mind.

It’s human nature to remember how you are wrong. So it takes more guts and gets more glory to think about how you are right. Happiness occurs when you accept, love and honor your own thoughts and actions. For years, human resources professionals gave performance reviews by listing three things you did correctly and three things you need to improve upon.

Now, more enlightened companies are splitting those reviews into different meetings. Because you won’t think about the compliments and feel good. Most people walk away from the meeting slapping themselves silly over how they can improve. Start believing in the ways you are right. Law of Attraction will then bring more right experiences into your life. Love that!

Happiness quotations can uplift your spirits if you are feeling miserable. Law of Attraction tells you already that feeling good, and experiencing success will bring you more of that — feeling good and experiencing more success. What happens if you feel miserable? Stop and think one kind thought. Write down 10 things you feel grateful about. Be in appreciation and wonder.

Once you begin to re-train your brain to focus on the places where life is good, you can set Law of Attraction into motion in the direction of dreams come true. To experience happiness quotations on facebook, go to happiness quotes.

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