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The Universe Adores You

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by Guest Author Veronica Hay

“There is a light in you which cannot die; whose presence is so holy that the world is sanctified because of you. All things that live bring gifts to you, and offer them in gratitude and gladness at your feet. The scent of flowers is their gift to you. The waves bow down before you, and the trees extend their arms to shield you from the heat, and lay their leaves before you on the ground that you may walk in softness, while the wind sinks to a whisper round your holy head.” ~ A Course in Miracles

What if you knew that the words of the above quotation from “A Course of Miracles” were absolutely true in your heart of hearts? What if you really believed that the Universe adores you and everyone and everything is here to support you in some way? How would you live your life differently?

Unfortunately for most of us, that concept is very hard to believe. It is not the view of life that we have been brought up with. For the majority of us, it just sounds too good to be true.

In a spiritual based class I was attending, I was taken on a very powerful guided meditation where I was to act out the part of the “beloved queen” of a village. My role was to just sit back in a gigantic, soft gold, regal chair, situated at the front of a large sitting room, and smile sweetly as each of my subjects approached me, individually, on bended knee, and presented me with their delightful and very “real” gifts. (some were even money, “real money”)

I have to tell you, that at first in this meditation, I felt extremely uneasy, very self-conscious and even a little silly. A part of me didn’t feel worthy of accepting gifts that I had not earned, felt deserving of in some way, or was unable to reciprocate. I felt unworthy of such an avalanche of affection and display of love towards me. However, as the process continued and more people approached me, I started to relax and just allow myself to openly receive the amazing bounty that was there for me. And then, I really started to enjoy it. In fact, I didn’t even want to come out of the meditation. I wanted to stay there and revel in this experience.

As I am writing this, a memory comes to mind of a time in my corporate career when I had given a gift to a fellow co-worker. I knew that he was especially fond of a particular quotation and wanted something to hang on his bare wall and so I had a beautiful plaque made for him with the following words etched in gold. “Reach for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Anonymous

I carefully wrapped it in beautiful gold foil and presented it to him early Monday morning, before our work day had begun. I have to say that I was very surprised by his reaction. It was clear that he was uncomfortable and I felt awkward and so I just left it with him with my good wishes.

Later in the day, his secretary Rose, paid me a visit. She told me that she had seen my gift in her boss’s office and had asked him about it. He told her that he absolutely loved it but found it hard to believe that someone would take the time to make such a loving gesture towards him with absolutely no conditions attached. (He at least knew in his heart that my intention was pure and that there were no conditions.) People will always pick up on your true intentions.

Rose’s last words to me upon leaving my office were “David has always been unable to receive. He gives and gives to others, but won’t let anyone give to him. I have always known that about him and now Veronica, you know that too.”

Her words trailed in my mind as I sat there feeling sad, hurt and disappointed. Yet, I felt a deep compassion for this man as well, this man who was unable or unwilling to allow himself to receive.

How do most of us respond when we are given an “unexpected gift? We usually are a little taken aback and utter something like, “Oh, you shouldn’t have done that?”

What if they should have done that? What if they wanted to do that? What if it brought them great joy to do that for you and your only job was to receive it, appreciate it and simply say “Thank You!”

And what if the universe has been trying to shower you with gifts for most of your life and you are just not letting them in? What if?

From this moment forward, what if you simply began to EXPECT to receive wonderful gifts from the universe each day? These presents could be in the form of physical objects, as well as gifts of affection, playfulness, service, kindness, grace, generosity, insight, guidance, intuition, joy, humour and love.

Expectation is a powerful emotion and hard to do for those of us who feel that we have been disappointed so many times by life that we don’t even allow ourselves to expect anything good to happen any more. It just hurts too much when we don’t get it, or we do get it and it doesn’t last very long.

What if, just for today, you dropped your defenses against life and just pretended that the quotation at the beginning of this article is true? What if you opened your arms, literally, and told the universe that you were willing, simply willing, to receive?

What if? Try it for one day and just see what unfolds in your life.

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