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The Key To Money & Beliefs

The Key to Money and Beliefs

The Key to Money and Beliefs

One of the things that I used to have trouble with manifesting is money.  If I did any manifesting of money, I usually manifested a situation or a circumstance that ate it all up.

Immediately.  It’s amazing how fast those negative manifestations can occur — almost at light speed.

Does this sound familiar to you?  When you do finally manifest that extra bit of money, does it feel as if the Universe comes and swallows it all up?

The reason why the negative stuff manifests to quickly is because we don’t have any resistance to it.  Or we’re vibrating in harmony with “it.”

So when it happens–it happens quickly.

Instant manifestation (see, it is happening in your life!)

That’s because the negative stuff is always easier to believe.  Even though we are born knowing how to smile, even though we are born to be happy and prosperous, somewhere along the way that changes and we get to the place where the negative stuff is just easier to believe.

Keyword that:  believe, belief.

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Abraham, the enlightened masters channeled by Esther Hicks say this:

A Belief Is Just A Thought That You Keep Thinking

And while that is true — the problem is that many of our beliefs latch onto us starting at a very young age.  It’s like we’re one half of the Velcro patch and our beliefs are another.

Best Friends Forever.

Always attached.

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Your beliefs are the very building blocks of your current reality, they are the foundation of your world.  Quite frankly, they are the most potent manifesting ingredients in your consciousness tool box.

And while we may not consciously thinking negative thoughts about money, it’s not the conscious thoughts that are the problem.

It’s the energy about money that we put out to the universe that causes our money issues.

If you grew up with sayings like these from your caretakers:

The Money Tree

The Money Tree

Money Doesn’t  Grow On Trees
Whaddya Think I’m Made of Money?
Money is The Root of All Evil
Rich People Are Greedy And Dishonest
I Never Have Enough Money

If you grew up with these beliefs, more than likely these beliefs are embedded deep within your sub-consciousness.

And rooting them out can be hard to do if you don’t know how.

In fact, any negative belief you have about yourself or your family members is damaging as well.  Money is all about relationship.  It’s a symbol for a medium of exchange between two people who HAVE a business relationship.

So it becomes important to change your beliefs in order to change your experience with money.

To change a belief, you must implant a new one or switch your thinking from the old belief to the new belief.

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