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Last Saturday I experienced something very wonderful. I had a session with the Communion of Light channeled through Frank Butterfield.

I suggested to Frank that he let me interview him for LOAM and he joyously agreed. Below you will find the results of that interview.

Though I have had many sessions with psychics and mediums, this was indeed something different.

My personal session provided me insight into the vibrations I offer on particular subjects and was very helpful in teaching me to be easier with myself.

Oftentimes when we find ourselves on our own paths of becoming, we chastise ourselves for not manifesting our desires fast enough.  All things unfold in their own time.  You cannot rush the rose to bloom, nor the fruit to ripen, it follows its own season.   This was just one of the ideas I took away with me after my session.  Frank’s got some great insights on how to test your vibrations on his website as well:

Visit Frank’s web page: Frank Butterfield

Now to the interview:


LOAM: When did you first discover you had channeling abilities?

FRANK: The first time I ever heard of channeling was when I found the Seth material at a bookstore here in Austin near the university campus in the summer of 1985. I read “Seth Speaks,” and then “The Nature of Personal Reality,” and found I couldn’t get enough. I kept looking for more and more Seth books and would read them — really, devour them. A bit later, several people (none of whom knew each other) began suggesting that I should read Shirley MacLaine’s books “Out on a Limb” and “Dancing in the Light.” This was in the fall of 1986. The next February, “Out on a Limb,” came out as a made-for-TV movie. When I saw Kevin Ryerson channeling right there on TV, I thought — “I want to do that!”

About 3 years later, in 1990, I was working for a bookstore in San Francisco and came across “Opening to Channel” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. I bought the book and took it home. And on a gray Sunday afternoon I read it from front to back, did all the exercises, and was channeling that night.

Visit Frank’s webpage: Frank Butterfield

LOAM: How did this experience change you?

FRANK: I expected that it would change everything right away, that my life would be perfect, and that I would never have any problems again! Well, that didn’t happen. What did happen next was that I had a chance to channel for a small group of people. They met at a location that was out in the country. I remember taking a break in the middle of the session and walking outside to get some fresh air and a look at the stars. Right then I knew I wanted to do this, meaning be a channel, and only this, for the rest of my life.

LOAM: When did you fully embrace your Channeling talents?

FRANK: This took a while. I spent many years acting as if I wasn’t really a channel. Once I realized I was hiding from my greatest joy, I was able to sit down, go within, and ask why I was so reluctant to talk about channeling and let others know about it. I discovered two other lifetimes where I was a channel of sorts and, in each one, something negative was associated with being a channel or speaking about it. After clearing the energetic connections around these two lifetimes, I was suddenly free to be a channel and not be afraid of it. That was quite a liberating experience!

Once I was able to clear these limiting energies, I realized I had come into this lifetime with a great desire to channel. That desire has gone dormant at times, but I can easily say that channeling always feels like the most wonderful and delicious thing that I’ve ever done. I really, really love every aspect of the experience.

Frank Butterfield

LOAM: What is the difference between being psychic and Channeling?

FRANK: First of all, we are all psychic. Everyone has a psychic sense in one form of another. Some people see visions, other hear sounds or words, while others deeply feel. These are known as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. This sense is just our individual interpretations of the vibrations that are all around us. When you turn your awareness in a certain direction, ask questions, and stay open to the answer, you will always receive insight in one way or another. One thing to always remember about psychic awareness is that it is a reflection of the present moment. Any insight about the future can change based on decisions we make going forward.

And, just as we are all psychic, we all channel all the time. For instance, when you speak, you are channeling the thoughts that you had just the instance before. The same goes with writing, painting, dancing, movement — really any physical expression is channeling some sort of idea.

Probably a better description for what I do would be directed channeling or conscious channeling. I am connecting with a consciousness that is not my own. And I am allowing that consciousness to blend with me so that they can project concepts and thoughts at me that I then translate into words. I don’t really know how their thoughts get translated into the stream of words that I “hear.” The Communion of Light has told me that I am doing this translation unconsciously. It makes sense that the translation would be verbal, because I love language. I do know that I can deeply trust this translation, for time and again, it has been demonstrated to be accurate and valid for the person or people who are on the receiving end of the conversation.

Just like anyone can learn to interpret the psychic awareness they are constantly receiving, anyone can learn to channel in a way similar to what I am doing. It’s really all about practice, desire, willingness, and allowing the process to develop.

Frank Butterfield

LOAM: How did you come to know the Communion of Light?

FRANK: When I first started channeling in 1990, my first guide called himself Raji. He told me that we have known each other in other lifetimes and that his job was to help me get started. He had a very distinct personality and was very funny.

In the fall of 1991, I was at study group meeting one night. We were reading and discussing A Course in Miracles. After most people had left for the night, I was there with a smaller group of people who had been playing around with a Ouija board. A friend and I were holding the planchette and it indicated that I should channel. When I did, Raji was gone and a different energy was speaking through me. It called itself the Holy Spirit and used the same voice and manner of phrasing that can be found in A Course in Miracles.

I channeled for other people a few times after that, but less and less often. For a while, I “forgot” that I knew how to channel. My life had become all about my corporate job and I didn’t have time (or the interest) in exploring channeling.

Then, in July of 2007, I was staying with a friend in Dallas. One night, after coming home from dinner, I suddenly had the feeling that I was supposed to channel for him. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but as soon as I opened up to the energy that was there, the Communion of Light announced themselves. They have since told me that they have been around all my life and I can see evidence of their presence in different ways. I believe they were waiting for me to be open enough to their message of radical limitlessness before they directly connected with me.

LOAM: What is the Communion of Light?

FRANK: In their words, they are “a collective of non-physical beings whose mission is to assist humanity as you are going through this time of evolutionary transformation.” I have asked them to clarify that over and over again and they simply remind me that they are here to assist. They will answer any question that we have. And they remind us repeatedly about the truth of who we are.

They have said that this evolutionary transformation is not something that is happening to us — that is pre-ordained — rather, it is occurring as a direct result of our collective desire to experience ourselves as more than just the bodies we have.

On a more personal level, they love to help people understand how the mechanics of the Universe work. They aren’t teachers in the way you might think of Abraham or Seth. I like to describe them as healers. Only they don’t heal the body. They help us heal our perceptions, so we can remember who we are and how all of this works. And so that we can work with the flow of the Universe and not against it.

So, they talk a lot about the Law of Attraction (they prefer the term, “mechanics of the Universe”). They remind us all the time that our most important relationship is with the Higher Self, which they describe as “the you that you are becoming.” Most of all, they have really helped me (and many others) reframe the way we look at ourselves.

Frank Butterfield

LOAM: What kinds of channeling services to you offer?

FRANK: I mainly work with clients one-on-one so they can speak directly with the Communion of Light. This gives them the chance to ask personal questions and receive wonderfully open and direct replies. These sessions are never about fixing anything, for as the Communion of Light says always, none of us are broken. But they are wonderful opportunities to remember who you are.

From time to time, I also offer group sessions with the Communion, either in person or by phone. The ones in person have been in Austin only, so far. And I am wanting to take them on the road and connect personally with the wonderful people I’ve only met by phone so far.

LOAM: What would you tell someone who is looking to work with a channel?

FRANK: The main thing to look for is what kind of message is coming through the channel and how you feel after reading or listening to it. If the messages are full of warnings and dire predictions or are telling you that you must do this or you must do that, then I would probably shy away from that channel. It could be that the channel is not allowing the fullness of the energy they are working with to come through. Or it could be that they are not working with an energy that is of a very high vibration.

You’ll know you are working with a high-vibration guide when you feel good just reading or listening to their words. If the messages are open, loving, joyful, kind, compassionate and direct you back to your power, then you have found a guide and a channel that you will most likely benefit from interacting with.

LOAM: How does a session usually work?

FRANK: Each session really starts with the questions you have. I advise everyone to write down their questions beforehand. The energy of the Communion of Light is so open and clear that you will forget that you ever had any questions after 10 or 15 minutes of direct connection with them.

Most individual sessions happen by phone so we can record the conversation. Before connecting with the Communion of Light, I always check in with the client to see if they have any questions for me about the process. It takes me about 30 to 45 seconds to connect with them. They then announce themselves by saying, “We are the Communion of Light and we are with you now.” They will usually ask you if you have any questions. Most sessions last an hour, although we can go longer if you want.

I always tell people to interact with the Communion of Light like they would with any other person. Their form of speaking can seem a bit formal, but they are quite accessible. They don’t have egos, so they aren’t going to try to cajole you or convince you of anything. They speak directly and are very open, loving, warm, and wise. They also have a very subtle sense of humor, which you have to watch out for as it will often appear out of nowhere. Also, since they don’t have egos, you don’t have to worry about asking the right question or the wrong question. Every question is valid in that it allows for an opening.

Some people have asked me about the best way to form a question. My response is that however a question comes to you is perfect. The Communion doesn’t hear your words, they connect to your vibration. So, it doesn’t matter how you ask any question since they will always be responding to your underlying vibration.

If you don’t understand what they have said, be sure to say so. One of the things that I love about the Communion is that they will ask, “Do you understand these things?” or “Have we answered your question?” Since they are not looking for reassurance or validation, what they really want is to assist you in aligning with your question and the answer they are providing. It’s really marvelous how they do this.

When the session is finished, I love to hear what people have to say about the experience. I don’t remember much other than those things that also speak to me personally. So, hearing about the conversation from your perspective is a wonderful thing.

After we’re done, I send each client a link to the recording of their session. The recording is an MP3 and can be downloaded to an iPod or streamed on your computer. I love the fact that we have the technology to make the recordings so easily available. People really get a lot out of listening a second or third time.

LOAM: What do you recommend to those people who are experiencing their own such spiritual phenomenon?

FRANK: I think there are two important things to always remember.

First, this is natural. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, so anytime you begin to experience spiritual connections, you are just reconnecting with a state that is naturally a part of who you are.

Second, meditation of any sort is always beneficial. If you can learn to quiet your mind, then it will be easier and easier to notice the always interesting and wonderful connections that you have with these things that we call psychic or spiritual. And meditation is nothing more than being still within and focusing. I like to say that meditation can happen anywhere: sitting, walking, doing the dishes, holding a child in your arms. When you are quiet inside and focused on the present moment, you are meditating. And wonderful things will always happen as a result!

LOAM: How does the law of attraction play a part in channeling?

FRANK: That’s a great question because it is integral. The guides who are coming forth right now will tell you, in one way or another, that they are here in response to our asking. In other words, the Universe is arranging things so that the questions we have about who we are and who are becoming can be answered in as open and clear a way as possible. So, the law of attraction (which the Communion of Light likes to call “the mechanics of the Universe”) had brought these guides to us in response to our desires. Just like always and with everything!

Frank Butterfield

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