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Self Improvement: Managing Your Energy

Our world, our universe and your daily life operates like a big energy-exchange machine. That’s what 21st century science says – everything is made up of energy and the basic building blocks are what are known as superstrings of energy. You’ve got trillions of superstrings of energy that combine into particles, molecules, cells which, all together, make up the physical you. To quote the physicist Brian Greene, your superstrings are just like violin strings and, when they are all in tune, your day is like a beautiful symphony. But how often does that happen? Mostly your strings are out of tune and your daily life sounds more like a third-rate crappy brass band!

Never mind the jargon of Personal Development, there are lots of common expressions that describe the physical results of being ‘out of tune’ and, strangely enough, these generally refer to the main centres in our body which ancient mysticism calls the key energy centres or ‘chakras’. Let me explain by way of example. If you’re nervous, you might have what we describe as butterflies in your stomach – the physical manifestation of your state of mind. If you’ve something upsetting or unpalatable to say, you might feel a lump in your throat. If you’re feeling down you might have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach – a key energy centre often referred to by successful people when they talk about gut feeling. And how come that nerves and upset can bring on a ‘tense nervous headache’?

The simple fact is that, whether you’re aware of the scientific explanation or not, you do know that your state of mind creates these physical knock-on effects. Where am I going with this? Well, the normal state of mind, which psychology has concluded tends towards the negative, is the cause of all manner of ills and, crucially, is the source of discomfort in our everyday lives. The normal subconscious mind directs our energy inward – and, as a result – our best efforts. Sometimes we are all too well aware of the results of our negative state of mind: low self esteem, no self confidence, an unease in certain circumstances, anxiety, stress (all the way up to panic) and depression. But these are the obvious examples of a more subtle and deeply-rooted problem.

This inward focus of our energy means that we don’t have a sufficient amount of energy available to invest in what we should be doing right now and it is this ‘disability’ that keeps normal people within the confines of a not-too-bad, normal life. And as our universe and your life operates so that you get a return on the energy that you put into the act of living, with precious little investment comes little or no return. It’s no big surprise then that people lack fulfilment.

You must break this vicious circle of self destruction. You have to start investing more energy in your life, by putting more of you into living in the here and now. Get going, right now, by taking a couple of minutes, sitting somewhere where you won’t be disturbed, closing your eyes and simply listening to the sounds that you hear. This silences the constant noise in your head and drags your subconscious mind’s attention away from its inward self-destructive obsession and enables you turn that inward energy out into a universe that is simply waiting to respond to presence in the here and now.