Law of Attraction Masters

Prosperity Portal

I have found a great site that provides an easy way to SHIFT your personal experience about money and prosperity. Authored by Elyse Hope Killoran, it currently costs less than $10 a month with a free 21-day tryout period.

I am a subscriber myself to this site (you can find me there as Wildwind) and I’m very excited about the site. Elyse provides you scads of tools to help you get out of your stuck state and move on to prosperity and abundance, your natural and true heritage.

She offers many ways to change your perspective and broaden your scope. By joining the Prosperity Portal you have immediate access to the following:

Audio Programs
Video Programs
Energy Alignment
Creator’s Toolbox
Prosperity Game
Visioning Articles And Audios
Prosperity Alignment Tool
Energy Attunements and so much more

Elyse’s goal is to make prosperity attunement available to everyone, that is why she’s keeping the membership costs low. Other sites of this nature cost upwards of $50/month and more. There are great tools, articles, audios and video programs to start helping you shift your vibration now.

Elye’s games have been designed around some of the things mentioned by Abraham of the Abraham-Hicks programs.

Sign up today, you’ll be glad you did.