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Brad Yates is one of my favorite EFT Wizards. He’s has many free EFT programs available for you to follow along with on YouTube, but beyond that, he is an all-inclusive kind of Emotional Freedom Technique Professional when you go through a follow-along session with Brad.

Brad leaves no stone uncovered when he takes you through a tapping session — covering all bases of the emotional tree as he taps out the means to uncover some of one’s greatest blockages.

He provides many different pre-made coaching sessions, where you tap along for more health, wealth, confidence and personal freedom from his website.

Check out his Money Beyond Belief program

EFT is the acronym for the Emotional Freedom Technique and it is a funny looking and very funny feeling (this is why you do it privately) way of releasing yourself from whatever is keeping you from achieving what you want to in life.

Brad is an EFT facilitator and coach, someone who guides you through the process of releasing negative blockages and energy through the means of tapping on key meridian points on your body will saying a series of negative phrase and then replacing it with a series of positive phrases. to help your achieve your highest potential. The purpose to to release the energy stored along the meridian pathways that will if left unchecked, more than often manifest in some kind of illness.

One of Brad’s favorite sayings is “Be Magnificent,” and he will surely help you get there.

This Particular Program

Brad Yates and Joe Vitale created a phone-in program that was recorded live. You can join in with both Joe and Brad and tap your way to Money Beyond Belief as you tap away your emotional traumas and fears. The recorded programs easily download to your computer and you can use them over and over again until you tap yourself clear of whatever is keeping you from your prosperity!

I have this program myself and refer back to it from time to time when needed. The Money Beyond Belief Program walks you through and helps you release the most common blocks concerning money. Dr. Joe Vitale interviewed Brad for this and then Brad walks everyone through releasing old, old, issues about one’s self-worth, self- esteem, ideas about money as well as helping you to release the wrong ideas about money you may have been programmed with. One of the best clearing EFT sessions I have ever participated in. And the good news is that it comes as an MP3 download – you can burn it to a CD or your IPOD and take it with you so that when moments crop up, tap, tap, tap, away the issues right on the spot.

Check out his Money Beyond Belief program

Follow along with Brad Yates on releasing fear right now. He shows you how to do it as well as helps you to release your fears about this current economy. Do it NOW! You will feel oh so much better.

What ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get Clear Right Now and immediately feel better! Visit Brad Yates today!

To Start Off Your Day With Brad tap along to Tap O’ The Morning!

And finish off your day with Brad!

Check out his Money Beyond Belief program

(Real life testimonials removed because you have to know that some people don’t get those kinds of positive results, you could receive typical results, or receive no benefit or results at all. But then when you go into something with a closed mind, you’re not going to receive the good benefits anyway nor would you recognize them if they spit in your face.

Or better yet, you could have outstanding results, ones that really knock your socks off, but you still wont’ be able to provide a testimonial because we have to make sure everyone on the internet pays attention to what they read and that they are not misled.  Just checking to see if you’re reading 🙂 I can’t mislead you — you’ve got the helm — but you’re not in charge of the wind.)