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May 21 Rapture – Judgement Day 2011 – Is it Real?

So what is up with this May 21 Rapture and Judgement Day 2011?

To understand this fully, we need to step back in time and study the history of the church — which by the way is convoluted at best.  The “pre-tribulation” rapture first appears at roughly between the fourth and sixth centuries, according to Dr. Thomas Ice, biblical scholar.

And it doesn’t appear in the Bible — it appears in various writings and teachings of church leaders — regardless of what they claim.

The main scripture that Rapturous Christians love to quote citing the belief in the rapture is found in

Thessalonians 4:16-17

… and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

Yes, the Greek rendition of this phrase does say “caught up” but what most Rapturists fail to realize is the rest of the sentence, “in the clouds,” which when translated from the Greek refers to a “state of being” and not a location.  This same word (in Hebrew) was used to describe the glow that appeared on Moses’ face when he descended the mountain with the tablets in his hands.  As indicated, it refers to a state of being, of being caught up in “glory,” so much so that Moses had to wear a veil on his face because the light was so bright. That word represents the “shekianah glory” which refers to “in the presence of God.”

The funny thing of it is, there is no place where God does not dwell. The very first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the “aleph,” another symbol for God, which loosely translates into “wind” or “breath” that moves through all things.


Like “spiritos” or “divine inspiration” means “breath” — the name for God is “the breath” while the name for man means “to breathe in.”

Hmmm again.

If only the Rapturists — who only desire to escape — realized that the light and the darkness resides within them.

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these [things]”

Isaiah 45:7

The early church was the most brutal of all, and I daresay, had Christ walked the earth during its reign — and even today, He would do what He did when he approached the temple in Jerusalem — he would throw over the money-changer’s tables.

Frankly, I see nothing Christ-like in any church that sits upon the earth and calls itself holy.  In fact, they are more reminiscent to me of the  whore of Babylon, drunk on the blood of the saints (as cited in Revelations). Who more than all the churches of the world, regardless of affiliation, is responsible for all the wars executed in  God’s name?

Christians seem eager for the Judgement — but don’t they understand that is they who will be judged?

To me it seems as if most Christians ignore Christ’s teachings and go straight to the old testament.  Otherwise how could they commit the atrocities they commit?  What is Christ-like about hating a gay person, a Muslim or a Jew for that matter?  What is Christ-like about torturing people or destroying the earth by constantly polluting and ignoring the signs of her need for healing?

What is Christ-like about hunting whales to extinction or polluting the atmosphere so that polar bears drown because there are no more ice floes?

The answer is startling: “We’re leaving — we’re being raptured and you can all go to hell. We don’t care what happens to any of you or the Earth.”

None of that seems very Christ-like to me.

People forget that Jesus was a radical.

He taught people to love those who hated them.

He taught people to love their enemies.

The majority of the religious n’er do wells of today wouldn’t know this kind of love if it stared them in the face.  I daresay that if Christ walked the earth — they would kill him all over again.

Why? Because he teaches love. Total acceptance. Peace.

That is contrary to their plan of control and judgment.

Christ taught a new commandment– and these people who run around like chickens with their heads cut off screaming the sky is falling, simply don’t want to face their own darkness within.

I fear they sit in judgement of others because they are afraid to look within their own dark hearts where their hatred — of anything not adhering to their limited viewpoints — sits ready to maim and kill.

How can you love another when you refuse to love yourself and embrace your own darkness — your own shadow?

It is much easier to project it outward onto the world that’s “going to hell” than deal with the fact that there is truly only one commandment, one that sets the teeth “a gnashing.”

Christ couldn’t really mean you that you love someone totally without judgment just as they are, could he?

How radical is that?

John 13:34

A new commandment I give unto you,

That ye love one another;

as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

I don’t see anything in that statement that says, UNLESS you’re gay, brown, black, yellow, orange, green, Republican, Democrat, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or whatever.  It’s command is simple:


This has yet to happen in Christendom, or frankly, most any religion you see in the world.

Just imagine what the world would be like now if that had truly happened nearly 2000 years ago?  It did for a brief period, until Rome got its hands on it and changed it all up in 325 A.D.

Think about it.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace.  It’s easy if you try.”

If Christ were actually the son of God and perfect as claimed — and he “died” for the sins of the WHOLE world — when he said “It IS FINISHED.”

What does that mean?

Christ himself came and said that He fulfilled the law and the prophets — and that no more were we to abide by those laws — because he gave a new law — that if FOLLOWED — fulfills all law:


With that said, I’ll see you all on Sunday, May 22, the day after the DAY OF JUDGMENT.  And maybe together we can all start practicing the one law, one love.

I don’t hate Christians — in fact I don’t hate anybody.

Loving and accepting someone doesn’t mean you are required to accept their opinion.

Loving them means allowing them their opinion.

Let your LIGHT shine.