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Quantum Physicist Reveals How to Master the Secret

The Secret Behind The Secret

You can get instant access to The Secret Behind The Secret, written by a quantum physicist who used to work at the famous Fermi Laboratory.  This is a man who KNOWS all about ENERGY.  He KNOWS how the Secret Works!

A quantum physicist is the PERFECT person to write about manifesting – because he knows exactly how it works scientifically. And the Secret has its roots in quantum physics. This isn’t more new-age gobbledygook, you can create the life you dream about, once you learn the scientific techniques.

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This book will literally, “Change Your Life Forever”

Here’s what you will find in this book:

  • The 3 Hidden Forces in you – Make them work together to make things happen like miracle.
  • 3 Habits you must adopt to change your luck starting tomorrow.
  • 12 Things you must know before applying The Secret.
  • 4 Major blocks to manifestations – How to blast them away for good.

Who This Book Is Not For

This book is not for those people who want to moan about their lives, without doing anything about how they live it.  Like every thing in life, anything worth having costs you something.  That cost may show up as money, as time, as commitment, as follow-through, but however it shows up, if you’re not willing to pay the piper, don’t even bother checking this great offer out.  Slackers need not apply.

But if you’re sick and tired of they way things keep turning out for you and you ARE READY to make the change, read on…

This book summarizes everything that you will need to know to manifest YOUR desires in your life.

When you read this book, you unravel:

  • The science behind The Law of Karma
  • The science behind The Power of Letting Go
  • The science behind Giving and Receiving

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Dr. Eric Amidi, is a scientist and a physicist, before he is an author.  He is practical and he gets direct to the point.  He is someone who is interested in results, not hype.  Read some of the reviews:

“If You Are Serious About The Secret This Book Is For You.”  “The book helped me get back on my path. I am once again focused.   Thank you.”Mary Huivenaar, Stratford Ont.

“There are numerous books that have focused on personal success. However, they seem to miss the mark when it comes to explaining HOW to apply their concepts. This is where Dr. Amidi’s book is exceptionally strong. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to apply The Secret in their personal life.” Gary Kimmons, CEO, eDoorways.com

“Your book did indeed, give me the “nuts and bolts” of the secret. I read it from cover to cover easily and quickly. Yet, sooo much information in such a small book. I won’t say that I was overwhelmed however…perhaps just whelmed. Yet very impressed. Your drawing of the three selves in agreement with the Universe was just FANTASTIC!” Martin Noone, Massachusetts, USA

You CAN Program Yourself for Ongoing Success

Get over old stumbling blocks and finally be free from the past! Create the life you’ve been dreaming bout!

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