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Wealth Beyond Reason

I wanted to pass this on to you as soon as I could, Law of Attraction teacher Bob Doyle just sent me this and I thought you should know.

“Hello there – I have some news about the Wealth Beyond Reason course…

When we upgraded the program to version 2.0 back in February, we increased the price from $227 to $347 to reflect the new content added and the vastly improved curriculum navigation process.

Even at $347 we knew we were offering far more content related to the practical implementation of the Law of Attraction than anyone else we have ever come across, as has been our goal since 2002.

But we’re also sensitive to the fact that 1) there seems to be a “glut” of LOA information out there which can
make it difficult to choose which path to take, and 2) we are in times where people are very careful about how they spend their money.

To cut to the chase, we’ve decided, at least temporarily, to cut our price back to the original $227 (and offer a 3-payment plan) to make it easier for your readers to enroll …and of course our guarantee is still in place so there truly isn’t any risk.

We actually did this last week, but didn’t make a big deal out of it – but I thought you should know and let your readers know.

As far as the information overload related to LOA material, just like to remind your readers that our program has demonstrated repeatedly over the years to communicate effectively with no “woo woo”, provide practical tools and techniques that are easy to implement, and most importantly, we’ve created results in thousands and thousands of lives.

To Get Your Discounted Price on this Fabulous Program (I am a student as well) visit here.

Also, we’ve added the ability to enroll via PayPal, which for technical reasons, we had removed when we upgraded to
our 2.0 offering.

Now, I’m happy to say that the PayPal option is available again!

That’s it! No heavy “sales job” here. I just wanted to alert you to the fact that we’d lowered our price, made
the payment plan available, and reinstated the ability to enroll via PayPal.

I hope that all is well in your world! Here’s were you can send people to learn more.

To Get Your Discounted Price on this Fabulous Program (I am a student as well) visit here.

Thanks, Bob


Well there you have it, I think you should take advantage of this while Bob is still offering the reduction in the BEST Law of Attraction courses out there.