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Law Of Attraction Methods That Reveal That Your Wish Is Your Command

The Law of Attraction…where all things flow for you…your wish is your command. You don’t put up any mental barriers to your success.

Your life experience is one of feeling free and unworried. You experience inner peace as your life materializes into the one you’ve always wanted.

Do you live this life? Or, is life a complete struggle? Everything seems so hard.

You feel out of sync rather than feeling peaceful. You can’t scrape together two dimes to pay the bills. You don’t know what to believe in your spiritual life. You’re out of shape physically. Your mind is cluttered with worried and scattered thoughts.

It’s all in how you think. You must see the world as bountiful. Allow the Law of Attraction to work for you.

When you think there is only “lack” in your life, you are using the Law of Attraction to attract more lack. For example, do you possibly have a destructive attitude towards the idea of money? Do you always feel like there’s never enough? You shouldn’t spend because you don’t know where the next dollar will come from? What if you run out of money?

You must come to the realization that your thoughts of “lack” are a self-fulfilling prophecy. How are you going to ever achieve financial abundance while all you think about is how there is a constant lack of money?

Those thoughts go from thoughts to concrete facts. Your subconscious mind accepts as complete fact anything you allow your mind to think. Think that there is lack? You receive lack in return. Think there is abundance? You receive abundance in return.

Is the Law of Attraction really that simple? Absolutely! But, here’s the catch…it’s an easy concept to grasp but it’s something that then takes years to master as you reverse all those negative thought patterns you’ve developed over the course of your life.

The “secret” is to focus intently on creating this shift in your thinking and to then create a daily habit of paying close attention to each thought you allow to go through your mind. As soon as you hear yourself saying words such as “but”, “maybe”, “if only”, “I need more…”, “I’m no good”, “there’s never enough…”, etc, you must stop yourself and rephrase your words.

Instead of saying “We can’t afford that because we need more money”, say “We’ll get that as soon as that deposit we’re waiting on hits the account” instead. Do you see how that little change keeps you focused on expecting positive change in your bank account rather than focusing on “lack”?

If you truly want to utilize the Law of Attraction to its fullest potential, realize that this is just one tip of many that you need to understand and internalize. Be sure to stay open to all available education that will help you best use this universal law as you learn how to attract your dream life to you…remember, your wish is your command.

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