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Joe Vitale’s Weath Trigger

Most of us have screwed up ideas about money.

We think we have to work hard, pay our dues or worse yet, suffer through years of degradation before we can attract good money into our life.

What most people don’t understand is that attracting wealth and money is all about the vibration you put out to the Universe.  It’s not about how hard you work — how many hours you put in — or struggling to get that million dollar idea. Money is a neutral energy, meaning that it carries no energy of its own. It represents an exchange between you and another person or company. Since it’s neutral how do you attract it into your life?

Money comes to you in the avenues you allow it to come to you. These avenues form based upon beliefs: I have to work a 40-hour a week job, I need to work for someone else, I need to work hard to get money, money is elusive, money doesn’t grow on trees and on and on.

We’ve been taught that money is hard to get, elusive and scarce. Or we’ve been taught that it takes hard work, long hours or other such dribble when it comes to bringing money into our lives.

The energy of money resides in our root chakra where our first ideas about relationships between ourselves and our parents formed. In addition, we’ve been programmed by our caretakers into many beliefs about money that simply are not true.

And these beliefs reside within us a cellular level, mostly operating at an unconscious level.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to extract these beliefs — we fail — and money eludes us.

So how can you ever identify what these beliefs are and why they keep blocking money from coming into your life?

Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones have come up with a system to help you to just that.

It’s called the “Wealth Trigger” and its sole purpose is to “Trigger Wealth” in your life.

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Some “when” in your past, besides all the negative programming you received about money throughout the years, a triggering event occurred about how easy or hard it was getting what you want in life.  When these triggering events are positive, they result in positive events in your life — when they are negative they have the opposite effect.

And your subconscious is built to operate on these simple programs. So when you have a negative triggering event about money buried deep in your subconscious, your subconscious will do everything to keep you safe — meaning it places blocks against receiving the very thing you are after.

No matter how many chants you do, how many affirmations you cite — if you don’t reformat that hard drive, the program will still be corrupted and not bring to you the results you seek.  Period.

Reformatting cellular memory operates the same way a computer does.

In order to get ride of the virus in the program, you have to remove the program and reinstall it fresh.

The Wealth Trigger helps you to do just that: wipe the negative memory and reinstall the new Wealth-Triggering program.

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Wealth Trigger

Good luck — and here’s to your success!