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Is 2012 Real — Do You Want To Know The Truth About 2012?

2012 CountdownIs 2012 Real — Do You Want To Know The Truth About 2012?

Fear is a motivating factor in so many lives. It’s either Fear or Love — as these emotions are at the base of everything else.

You don’t have to be “AFRAID” of 2012 any more than you have to be afraid of waking up tomorrow. The Mayans had a unique form of marking the days and their calendar ends at the end of one of these multi-thousand year cycles.

And many have taken this to mean that the world is coming to an end. According to Mayan and Hopi Legends, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Roughly equating to a 6,000 year cycle (actually much smaller but we’re rounding up), each calendar cycle equates to a “WORLD” in the views of these ancient ancestors.

Quetzalcoatl 2012 Return

The famed Aztec “God” is alleged to return in 2012 — some view this as ‘The Christ.’  In truth the “Christ” is within us and if there is a return it happens inwardly, in our consciousness.

But much more is going on than just the spiritual speculation…

Is 2012 Real — Do You Want To Know The Truth About 2012?

By or thereabouts December 21, 2012, we’ll find ourselves on the farthest swing on the farthest arm away from the center of the Galaxy, the Milky Way.  When that occurs we will also experience a galactic alignment 2012 with all the other planets in our solar system.  We will see the dawning of a new day, quite literally, when we turn that corner and head back towards the center of our galaxy. In December 2012 we will reach the furthest point from the center.

Many people are saying it’s the end of the world. Still others are claiming huge catastrophes — there will be changes, but I don’t think as radically as some people think.

The Christians are claiming this is when they will be leaving the earth in the RAPTURE, an event that wasn’t even a part of Christian theology until the late 1800’s — but most of them don’t know that.

This date has great meaning.

Every Major Religion, Minor Religions You’ve Never Heard Of, Non-Religious Spiritualists, And Even Atheists And Agnostics Agree in 2012 something will happen.

There are millions of people around the world sensing this big event is coming. But what will happen?

Is 2012 Real — Do You Want To Know The Truth About 2012?

The galactic alignment 2012 was predicted by our ancient ancestors the Mayans, Scientists, Religious Leaders, NASA and other Governments
around the world that 2012 will be a very significant year for “You” and all of Humanity.

Getting this information is very important…

If you think this is just a bunch of hype then that’s perfectly fine. But it’s better to educate yourself about this and find out the real meaning of 2012 before you rule this out as conspiracy theory or a made up date for the entertainment
industry… Want the truth?

Is 2012 Real — Do You Want To Know The Truth About 2012?

The world around you is in turmoil right now.  People are starving, the economy is slowly declining, there are threats of war, new diseases and the weather has been more intense then it has been in many years.

Be in the know about 2012 and prepare yourself for every possible situation that could occur. If nothing happens,
Great!  Being prepared for what may or may not occur is just common sense.  As we pass through this peak point, we could experience fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic poles, communication  systems could collapse, we just don’t know at this point.

Now I’m not saying this date is all doom and gloom.  James reveals that there is light at the end of the
tunnel that doesn’t end in a catastrophe.

But it’s up to you to become a part of that story line.

Is 2012 Real — Do You Want To Know The Truth About 2012?