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I Lost My Voice Today Yelling WOOHOO!

Have you ever felt so fantastic– so filled up with life– that you just had to let out a huge “wooooo hoooo!” at the top of your lungs? Well if not, you’ve got to take a minute to read this because that is the way I’ve been living my life over the past two weeks.


I’ve been participating in one of the most powerful programs to come around in years – maybe decades! It’s called The Prosperity Tribe, hosted and led by Kristin and David Morelli who are also founders of the radio show “Everything is Energy,” in less than a year garnering over 300,000 followers!

Kristin & David’s Wealth Tip #1

I can’t tell you how amazing the shifts have been in my life, and I wouldn’t share this with you if it weren’t true…

I’m on the brink of something huge…

I have been moving stagnant and sabotaging energy and breaking down my deepest blocks to abundance and authentic wealth like I have never done before. Just tonight I participated in one of the guided meditations and experienced a huge breakthrough to my prosperity.

It was as if (in the visualization meditation) there was this “shadow” energy stealing my power and prosperity away. I not only felt it,  but I experienced it as it popped right out of my body in just a few moments as I  followed along with one of David and Kristin’s Prosperity Tribe Calls (which I downloaded as a MP3).

I don’t know the result of this experience yet, because it just happened, but I can guarantee you that it is huge. Then I was able to reclaim my power, my life force from this debilitating and dark energy pattern and bring back that power into my body.  I felt a bit nauseous afterward, which is a clear signal that something huge happened.  Some people experience nothing, others experience other things.  It’s all personal, but the bottom line is we’re dealing with energy and if you don’t know by now, you will soon know that…

Everything is Energy

A little bit about Kristin and David: Kristin is a self-made multimillionaire (by age 30) and David is an energy worker of the highest caliber. He is sought after by many well-known teachers of the Law of Attraction to work with them on breaking through their own blocks to wealth and success.

Together Kristin and David are an extraordinarily powerful team who have made it their dedication to help others make the shift from lack to abundance. They teach that True Abundance = an abundance that embraces money and ALL good things in life.

This couple and the work they do are nothing short of amazing! I am so grateful for having found them and for saying “YES!” to coming under their mentorship by joining The Prosperity Tribe.

You can get a glimpse into the power of the program and meet Kristin and David at this link:

Everything is Energy

You DEFINITELY have nothing to lose!

If you’re not interested or it doesn’t resonate with you that’s fine.  This program ONLY WORKS for those who have an “attraction” to it!