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How To Be Happy

how to be happyAre you leading a life of quiet desperation? If you think that getting that corner office or that huge raise, or that new car is what is going to make you happy, you will soon find, after achieving those things that something is still missing. Read on if you want to learn how to be happy.

Happiness is not something that is obtained by grasping for things on the outside of you.  It’s something that bubbles up from within.

And frankly, the older you get, you’ll find that you’re carrying around more crap on the inside of you that has somehow cut off that flow.

This is where getting in touch with your inner child and letting it out of the closet becomes imperative if you want to be healthy and happy.  And what follows it is wealth (in old English this means to “be well.”)

True wealth starts within and with nothing to block it’s way, it bubbles out into your world spreading itself everywhere.

In our formative years, we took on the crap and conditionings of our caretakers and thus created a sleeping giant that lives just below the surface of our consciousness.  This sleeping giant is what is keeping your conscious efforts at happiness at bay.  In order to awaken the sleeping giant and release the power that is within you to conscious and deliberate creation of a life you’ve only dreamed about, you MUST GO WITHIN.


Those who don’t go within, go without.  Neale Donald Walsch said that and he is absolutely correct.

Steps to  Happiness

  1. Learn to love yourself
  2. Share that love with others
  3. Embrace your inner child
  4. Learn how to play as a child
  5. Be real with your feelings
  6. Don’t repress your feelings
  7. Experience and feel your feelings
  8. Breathe regularly
  9. Develop thankfulness for being alive
  10. Breathe consciously

If you’ve been looking for answers, but can’t find any — you may need guidance on how to get those answers for yourself.  One of the ways to do that is working with this primal energy at the core of your being.  When you learn how to do this, you will always have the ability to move mountains, where ever and when ever you are.

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