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Had A Fantastic Day!!

It started off with great energy! . I was asked to deliver the feature address for a secondary school in Georgetown, a small town 22 miles just north of Kingstown.

I asked Maingott to drive me down. It was a great idea, as it allowed me to focus on my thoughts and how I wanted to express myself.

Seeing that we had some time, we drove leisurely through the lush tropical rainforest of Mespo.

The energy of Mespo was just amazing. You could really feel yourself communing with nature.

We passed some beautiful, breathtaking sceneries. Once over the hills we could see all of the Grenadine Islands. A view to die for. And the clean air? aaaaaaaah!

If you’ve ever been to the Caribbean you will know what I’m talking about.

St. Vincent is all the more unique because of its hilly terrain.

I needed to remind myself to be appreciative for the many things we take for granted. People pay top dollar just to experience this kind of high.

And We have it for free? Gratitude is something to remember all the time.

My feature address went well. What else would you expect after imbibing all that natural energy. I was truly inspired, I was in Spirit!

The theme was “Unlocking our potential–Extending beyond ourselves”.

After speaking I could not help but consider that many people feel inspired by a motivational speaker, however when the euphoria wears off after one or two days, we have now to look for a way of not only injecting positive energy into people but of making sure it stays in them. Like an infusion, better yet a transfusion…

Our job is not over until we have handed people the right tools to be used on a day after day basis to accomplish abundance and success.

To achieve success we have to make every effort to align our thoughts, feelings and actions to get the proper results.

All we need is the proper motivation or tool.

This includes affirmations, visualizations, journaling and awareness.

Now we have to lift our consciousness and accept full responsibility for all we do and who we are.

Most of all we must decide to be successful.

Decision is one of the most important elements.

Finally, taking action brings it all together.

Dr Ken Onu is the CEO and founder of Attract Freedom. An organization with the sole purpose of empowering others to personal and financial freedom.

An Ophthalmologist by profession, he is a keen speaker, communicator, entrepreneur and an aspiring author. go to http://www.kenonu.com for more inspiration and tools to help you on your journey to success.

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