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While David Cameron Gikandi has several e-books available on line, my favorite is A Happy Pocket Full of Money. Pick up your copy today!

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I love what you are doing!! Fantastic!! You have been a great help to me. I have purchased “Happy Pocket Full of Money” …. One of the greatest reads EVER!! …Since that time, December 8th, 2002, a lot has changed. The universe has been delivering all kinds of incredible new insights and direction. So much information that I am having difficulty processing it all. EVERY SINGLE BIT OF INFORMATION RESONATES WITH MY SOUL. Bingo. … Your book solidified everything [A Happy Pocket Full of Money]. …You are amazing!! You have been a God send to me!! Thank you for the wonderful work you do !!!!! – Bruce R. Royer, http:// www.creationcaptured.com

First off, I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for writing, “A Happy Pocket Full of Money”… It has changed my life forever! I’ve always enjoyed reading books on the subject of personal development, and have become enthralled in some of the great ones of all time, such as: “The Science of Getting Rich”, “Think and Grow Rich”, “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting”, and “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”, But your book really inspired me! I can’t describe the feeling that came over me, numerous times, throughout the reading of your book… I guess that was the feeling of living in the Here and Now! – Kent Glass

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Dave, just another big THANK YOU for the software and book. It is amazing. EVERYTHING I have been studying the past few years you have managed to capture so logically and wisely, anybody that ever crosses your site and for some illogical reason decide not to purchase your products could not do themselves any bigger disfavour, by missing the most concise source of info anywhere on the Net (Planet?) they are going to have to buy many, many different books and spend thousands of dollars just to, ONE DAY, get to maybe 60% of the info they could have had by buying just one (Happy Pocket Full of Money) or some of the other books. “You shall seek the Truth and the Truth shall set you free” is one of my very favourite quotes and many people totally misunderstand it. I have been studying this field for some time now, and have read many, many books. There are NO other book I have come across that puts the TRUTH in more detail at the fingertips of the reader. JUST READ IT and follow the process, IT DOES WORK! – Jannie Loots

After reading A Happy Pocket Full of Money, reading I was so impressed that I bought the life and wealth packages as well as the ProvaLife Achiever software. I’m not writing this testimonial because I am trying to advertise a website, nor am I writing this because I stand to benefit monetarily from it. If you look at my occupation, I actually have more to lose than gain by going public with my endorsement of these products, as my field of work tends to be conservative. So why am I writing an endorsement? Because the information in Mr. Cameron’s books are life changing! After going through the material, my realtionships with people in general have improved, I am less frustrated at work, and I have learned to enjoy life again. I am so positive about the future now. But don’t take my word for it, download his free ebook samples and check it out for yourselves, you WILL NOT regret it! Thanks David! I wish you the best! (I wish I could write better, but I just can’t describe how much this material has changed my outlook on life) – Leandro X. Centenera, M.D. Ob-Gyn

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As a member and publisher I have so greatly benefited from your thought processes that my entire life is changing. I am currently working on a major project. At first I was absolutely unsure of the reason for me as a woman to undertake such great task. Later I read a quote by Margaret Thatcher “It may be the cock that crows, but it is the hen that lays the eggs”, which convinced me marginally. Then your spiritually scientific encouragement changed my life to the degree that I consider myself important enough to actually do it. May you inspire millions with your purpose. – Ina Bliss, http://www.inabliss.com

I find your work to be nothing short of genius and am truly inspired and will one day want to share this material with other people. I have studied Religious Science and can tell you it is not as easy to understand or as powerful as your work. Thank You. – Nancy Brennan

Just finished your book on “happy pocket full of money”. The name itself brings joy and happiness. You have done the wonderful work of a master weaver bringing the invisible elements that works behind manifestation of true prosperity and wealth in our lives. In my individual work of creating awareness of self and society at many levels I often encounter great fear — fear of unknown. People do not want to know beyond what they know because it shifts their worldview dramatically. I was looking for a way to give them universal tools that awakens the self-power and what better way to get attention than something that every individual is struggling with – having enough money to get by. Your book is simply amazing and I recommend it to everyone, including those who have plenty of money but little joy or passion for life. – Mita, http://www.seek2know.net

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I have discovered the key in the surface level, what I just discovered at your Book “A Happy Pocket Full of Money” has scratch the surfaced I have discovered! This is really the Most Scientifically Explained Book about Wealth and Success and the One I will love the most… Nothing can stop me promoting your book “A Happy Pocket Full of Money” and you as the Author. Your book scratch the surface of what I have discovered as the key to wealth and success … It covers all the surface. Most I have read about success have something in common but nothing dissects into a sub-atomic level .. I am planning to create a publishing website that is tribute to your Book and to you as the Author … I believe it happens that I discovered you and your book with purpose and my subconcious mind act in a nano second to grab an oppurtunity. – Richard Alcebar, www.bizamulet.com

Your work is awesomely careful, succinct, and complete in both details and examples. Your ‘Happy Pocket’ is most clearly and magnetically presented to the reader. Kindest regards. – Ken Roberts

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As I suspected, I am completely thrilled with your material. And that is putting it mildly. I could go on and on about it, but I want to get right to the point. I am a teacher. I have given several workshops on “Reality Creation” around the country. Your material has added to my arsenal of knowledge in a huge way … The Universe is delivering a wide variety of material to me that shows me very definite ways to “teach” what I know – and better still, to LIVE it. Your material is by far, some of my very favorite. It has brought be clarity and understanding on several key points. In essence, it has given me “permission” to fully experience what I have known to be true all these years … I’m extremely interested in doing workshops based on your material. Quite frankly, I feel the WORLD needs to hear these messages – and this is what I do. I teach as I am learning myself. I am a “conduit” if you will. I have no fear of putting myself in front of people and sharing the information that the Universe funnels my way, and in fact, I believe it is a large part of Who I am, and Why I am here … Finding your site was a DIRECT response to a request I submitted to the Universe – on many levels… Thanks again for making this material available to me. It is quite a Gift, in my mind. – Bob Doyle, www.boundlessliving.com

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After completion of Happy Pocket full of money, I could take very bold decisions in my life. I could leave the job and started my own new business, which is definitely going to be very prosperous and very successful. Your book is one of the best gift, life has given to me. Thanks David ! – V.Nandhivarman

David, I am so grateful to have found your work (^o^). They are simply priceless! You words are like beacon of light that shine brightly to guide my path. When I was introduced to your work, it felt as though suddenly all my innate knowing had been articulated and translated into words. It was like finding a key to puzzle of life. Thank you David to reminding us of our magnificence and infinite possibilities that is always waiting to manifest through our next thought. – Mariko, http://www.ProsperityPromises.com

Your book Happy Pocket Full of Money, was a big life-changing experience for me. After I read it, I felt compelled to have it translated into Polish and get it published for you in Poland . There is currently a strong market there for books on personal growth and metaphysics. I firmly believe that your book will be a great success there – Ela Terakowska

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In all seriousness, I am well read in the areas David writes about. But I have never found any resource or book that lays things out the way his do. EVERYONE should read this stuff! It gives one a whole new perspective on life, success, love, and the world. There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t read several pages and review the material. Thank you for your insights and the work you are doing. David, I cannot get enough of your material. It is evident we have read the same books, have had the same questions, but you have explored things in more depth than I did. CUDOS to you! Love this info…I EAT it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I would love to live close to you to be able to have some trully in-depth conversations. Most people I speak with have either no interest or its over their head. I could explore this stuff forever…. The material is very profound, life altering. Imagine if just 10% of the population took these teachings and concepts to heart…what a difference the world would be, huh? All the best, Dave Mullins – Dave Mullins

… I, as others, am truly blown away by the complete and comprehensive TRUTHS that are in your books, seeming to encompass all of my study over the past 40 plus years!…So far, all of the rest of what you have written in this first book (Happy Pocket is next on my list, and I saw somewhere it is an expansion of the one I’m reading now) is a very succinct and wonderful explanation of all of the principles I’ve been learning over the past 20-30-40 years! I hope more and more readers will become open to these understandings – Jannette Robert Murray

I have been a little cynical lately about all of the personal and mind development. The reason was that after going to seminars, reading books, lessening to tapes, etc. I was getting a little bit disappointed to keep hearing over and over again the same think: “You can do and have anything you like…” or “I went from bankrupt to millionaire in one year….” How? Nobody would tell you the step-by-step of how this things work or how they did it step-by-step. David Cameron is the first author who explains step-by-step how all works in a simple manner. He must be a natural teacher. I couldn’t put the book down although some things I read I would need to read it again as they sound to extraordinaire to me. Thank you again for writing such a nice and simple book but with such depth. … I spend till 5am going through everything. I felt like an sponge. I wanted to absorb everything. – Maria Schmolmueller

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I purchased the “Wealth Pack” a few weeks ago and am having such tremendous gains from reading your material. A whole new world has opened up for me and my stress level is practically zero. This is an astounding as in the past, I’ve been such a constant “worry wart”. My entire family is benefiting from this… it just trickles down into all their lives. I have such appreciation and gratitude for your gift of wisdom. And our financial life, which had been in the pits, is now turning around (or, more correctly, “WE ARE WEALTH”.) … Much love, – S.H.

Book Contents

  • Money: An Illusion, A Shadow Of Something Else. 9
  • The Steps To Wealth And Happiness 11
  • How To Read And Understand This Book 13
  • Quantum Physics: Knowing What You And The World Are Made Of Is The First Key To Knowing How To Make It Your Way 15
  • The Truth About Time: It Does Not Exist Except As You Say It Does 29
  • Images Of The Mind: The Blueprints Of Life 45
  • Thinking And Speaking: The Instructions Of And For Life 53
  • Goals: The Road Map To And In Wealth 68
  • Being: First Cause, The Beginning 83
  • Acting: That Which Receives 91
  • Certainty: The Most Powerful Force And The Antidote To Failure 97
  • Cause And Effect: The Prime Law Of The Universe 106
  • Conditions: They Are Fantastic Illusions 115
  • Success: You Can Never Fail 126
  • Want Not: Desire, But Never Ever Want 131
  • Purpose: Why You Are Here 136
  • Giving: It’s What It’s All About 140
  • Gratitude: Seals The Deal 147
  • Consciousness: You Experience What You Are Awake To 149
  • The Self: The Architect Of The Universe 155
  • One: All That Is 177
  • Abundance: You Have It All 183
  • Happiness: Life Is Joy And Joy Is Life 190
  • Money: How To Use The Symbol 203
  • Our Civilization’s Money: Deepest Secrets Revealed And How You Fit In 221
  • What, Exactly, Is Our Civilization’s Money And How Does It Work? 222
  • How Does The Financial System Work At Its Most Secret, Foundational Level And How Does That Affect Me? (This Is Very Important). 233
  • Is There Anything Wrong With Me? Why Do I Find It Hard To Make Money? How Can I Experience The Fully Empowered Co-Creator That I Am? 276
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