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The Secret Law of Attraction

Do you find that after watching the movie, The Secret, you felt good for a week or two and then things went back to normal? You tried to pick it up and run with it again, but the ball was flat, you couldn’t toss it forward or back, and you found yourself stuck with a flat ball and the same life you started with.

Only now you knew that there could be more.

And you wanted it.

Too Much Was Left Out in the Movie In all honesty, I don’t think this movie was supposed to be any different then what it was. Its purpose was to introduce you to a new way of thinking and being, and frankly, I think it did its job. Details on how to create a better life were never supposed to be in the movie. So now what?

It Is More Than Just Thinking Happy Thoughts. Changing your life requires more than just thinking happy thoughts, which sounds easy enough, but it’s really not. Have you heard that little voice inside your head? Every time you think a positive thought or try and affect a positive change, that person in there, (whoever the heck it is) is talking back. I call it the Internal Infernal Critic. Does this sound familiar to you?

“Happy thought: “I am so happy now that I’m thinking better thoughts.”Counter thought: “Oh yeah, then why did you just yell at the dog if you’re so happy?”

Happy thought: I just know that what I want in life is coming to me easily and effortlessly.”

Counter thought: “Yeah and how’s that working for you anyway? I don’t see any changes, looks like the same old loser to me.”

How Many Thoughts to Think? I know you’ve had these kinds of thoughts, everybody does. In fact, are you aware that we each entertain about 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day? They were right when they said that in the movie The Secret, it is the law of attraction at work. Science has proven this to be true. Studies have been done to measure negative thoughts to positive thoughts (and yes they do have a way to measure the difference). Even though all this thinking is going on, science tells us that only 5% of it is conscious.The rest belongs to the realm of the unconscious.

You may know this place. It is the place where all your shortcomings are held. The place where your insecurities dwell – where the taunts from childhood school chums still echo. For me, it was my spider legs. I’ve been long and tall since I could remember and in sixth grade, I shared a desk with an eighth grader (I went to a school that only had about 40 kids in 6th-8th grades so the classes were combined).

Spider Legs Not Spider Woman. In this very small community, the eighth grader happened to be from the richest family in town, had all the right clothes, perfect hairdo, all the right friends. I’m sure you know the drill. She wasn’t that pretty, actually, and what would come out of her mouth proved that the inside was even less of a joy to behold.

She used to call me spider legs. Besides being long and tall I was born a brunette, which means one thing: hairy. When my mother let me shave my legs shortly thereafter, I remember all too well because I slashed my leg and ripped off a fingernail in the process. Damn those two sided double bladed razors (they didn’t even have razors for women then).

The point of the story is this: we all have negative memories programmed into our subconscious, and like Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman, the negative stuff is easier to believe.

So when we try to develop a new thinking process, we’re shot down by our own internal voices.

4 Negative Thoughts for Every Positive Thought. On average most people think 4 negative thoughts to 1 positive thought. With that kind of ratio, it’s going to be hard to change what you’re thinking. The idea is to shift the balance to the tipping point — this is where you need to be to affect a change in your life, it is that simple.

But most of us simply don’t know how to do this. So we sign up for self-help development program one after the other, vainly searching for the one that will make life work out the way we want. The problem comes when most people don’t know where to turn and what program to get into to make a change.

It Doesn’t Matter What Program You Use. I don’t think it matters what program you choose when operating with the secret law of attraction, as long as it is going to be something that works for you. Remember that we are multi-sensory beings and if you enroll in a program that operates primarily by listening to CD’s, but you’re a visual person, the CD’s and the program won’t work for you. You need to match your learning style to your sensory modality.

That’s why I like this program to change my thinking processes. I realized that if I stuck with just one program for thirty days I could affect change. But it has to be something I do every day for thirty days. Something I want to do and will do.

This little program works with the Secret Law of Attraction to immediately affect change your in your life. Operating from your computer, it has modules that work with any of the sensory modalities you operate in: visual, auditory and/or kinesthetic.

It provides a well-rounded approach to help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve in life. And its fun to use. To find out more visit: www.Law-of-Attraction-Masters.com Written by Laurie J. Brenner, award-winning author of Changing Planes, a metaphysical fiction and the Little Book of Becoming – The Primer to Living Inside Out.

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