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Mystic Lands – 13 Spiritual Places of the World

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Academy Award-nominee Edward James Olmos narrates this mesmerizing and compelling series that visits 13 of the world’s most sacred places. Historically accurate and beautifully photographed, Mystic Lands chronicles a diverse array of spiritual practices. In Bhutan, discover an ancient world of magic and mystery nearly untouched by the modern age. Explore Greece, where the gods of old are an integral part of the culture. Unearth the secrets of Macu Picchu’s Peruvian ruins, and Egypt’s lavish tombs. Visit the reclusive and repressive nation of Myanmar, where faith and quiet devotion are a way of life, and the Taj Mahal, the intensely spiritual symbol of India and considered by many to be “the most beautiful building in the world.” The story of the Anasazi, and the truth behind the mystical practice of the folk religion, Voodoo, are revealed. Observe the sacred ceremonies with which the Balinese honor the powerful forces they believe govern life, and Australia’s aboriginal people forge a spiritual bond with the land based on myths, legends, mystical and exotic rites. Excavate the grand ruins and spiritual beliefs of the Maya, sojourn to the wellspring of all that is sacred to Christians, Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem, and witness the beliefs, rituals and ceremonies the Hindus observe in their journey toward enlightenment.

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