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The Little Book Of Becoming: Understanding The Law Of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction works and Laurie J. Brenner can prove it. Armed with nothing more than the law of attraction, spirit and fierce determination, Brenner and husband Gordon designed and built their three-story dream home on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, just a red tail hawk’s flight south of Lake Tahoe without any construction experience or knowledge. Inside the Little Book of Becoming Brenner delineates the techniques and system she uncovered that helped her achieve her life long dreams. Though a practitioner of metaphysics for many years, it wasn’t until 1996 that Brenner discovered the key to unlocking her heart’s desires. Humorous, honest and concise, Brenner expertly unfolds these methods that anybody can use and provides step-by-step exercises to help get you on your own path of becoming and living your dreams. “Only you can live your life from beginning to end. No-one can do it for you” Hopi saying.

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