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There are many wonderful things happening right now, within you and all over the world. Discover and focus on your assets and strengths, and you will raise your immune function and enhance your overall wellness. This 2 CD program guides you to a greater understanding of trust, faith and optimism and how they benefit your health. Find and build upon the good in your body, mind and emotions, and you will add to the good in the world. Learn the necessary skills to be a Goodfinder, and create the life you have always dreamed of!

Tracks-Disc One: Why Goodfinding?; Where Does Health Come From?; A Blueprint for the Whole You; Your Overall State of Wellness; Understanding Emotional Barriers; The Good in Negative Emotions; Creating a Positive Vision of Aging; A Picture of Emotional Wellness; The Value of Faith and Optimism; Trust in Childhood; The Value of Goodfinding

Tracks-Disc Two: Goodfinding and Success; Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease; Why Do We Choose Fear?; Goodfinding as an Antidote to Fear; Your Brilliant Mind; Dealing with the Inner Critic; Developing the Inner Coach; Goodfinding in Your Body and Mind; Creating Good in Your Life; Goodfinding Skills; Response-ability in Relationships; Finding the Good in Your Story

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