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Changing Planes

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FIRST PLACE FINALIST 2009 National “Best Books” Awards – USA Best Books: New Age Fiction ” … Something feels off, not quite right, like a run inching its way up my nylon every time I move.” Madison Reeves said to herself the day she boarded a plane for a Bahamas’ vacation. Little did she know the prophecy in her own words. After her plane passes through an undulating curtain of lights, mysterious events occur to Madison and other passengers on flight 41, but not until they land do they realize how mysterious life has become. Met by her dead grandfather in this otherworldly airplane terminal hung between the worlds of the living and the dead, Madison begins a journey that enlightens her mind and spirit and awakens something long buried in her heart. Is she in Heaven? No one tells her as she undergoes a deep awakening and understanding in the midst of facing her greatest fears. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you don’t cry when you read this novella’s surprise ending, go get your heart checked out because something’s broken there. From retired Georgia weatherman John Doyle, “Changing Planes, a movie your heart reads … “

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