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Free Yourself with Tapping – PICK YOUR PRICE

Try IT On Everything Ultimate Combo PackOur friends over at TryItOnEverything.com have done it again.  I think they may be a little crazy but I think it’s important to share this with you…

Nick and his crew are putting on an event featuring their most popular product package, their critically acclaimed Try It On Everything DVD and Companion and they’re letting you CHOOSE YOUR OWN PRICE!  It’s a just a little nuts but there is a good reason…

For one week only!

From now until midnight on Tuesday, June 23,

You can get their most popular special combo package of the Try It On Everything DVD and Companion Book, AND YOU GET TO PICK YOUR OWN PRICE!

You can check it out right here: www.TryItOnEverything.com

They’ve given you some great incentives to choose some of the higher priced options…and it’s all for a great cause…to make sure EVERYONE has the opportunity to experience the awesome personal power of Tapping…

You get a bunch of great bonuses too, no matter which price you choose (it still sounds crazy to say it…)

So, go check this out and see which price you want to pick…I think this is going to be fun and more importantly, yet another opportunity from Nick Ortner and his crew at Try It On Everything to help more people experience the magic of Tapping.


All the best and Happy Tapping!