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Frank Butterfields Channels The Communion of Light

Frank Butterfield, Channeler

Every person is unique. We each have our own very specific way of working with the Universe to create what we want. We are launching desires all the time, but we all have our own way of landing them and grounding them into physical reality.

We also have our own personal connection to money…

And the Communion of Light can help each of us find out – my friends Chip Englemann and Frank Butterfield are putting on a one-time event this Wednesday, beginning at 8:30 pm Eastern Standard time – 5:30 pm Pacific Standard Time and they have asked me to share with you this information.

Chip Engelmann, MA, CNC, EFT Practitioner
Chip Engelmann, MA, CNC

You may recall that I have interviewed both of these guys right here on Law of Attraction Masters.

Chip Englemann is a an EFT Professional who will be hosting this event while Frank Butterfield, a psychic medium and channel will allow Paul and the Communion of Light to come through and provide specific information geared toward the group’s energy about how to FIND your own personal connection to Money.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why manifesting money using someone else’s technique doesn’t work for you, it is because you are not in resonance with the technique you are using!

Each of us is an individual and how we create and manifest our desires in this life is as unique to us as our fingertips: no two people are alike.

Sometimes all we need is just a light turned on so that we can find and see what works for us!

Learning how to create what we want in life is just a matter of finding the system or the technique that is in resonance with the energy imprint we have upon the world.

Once I stopped doing what someone else told me to do and started doing what feels good to me, then I began experiencing consistent results to my intentional manifesting.

This workshop will help you find the tool for creating money that works for you. The tool you find may not work for anybody else, but it will work for you. And, you will want to use it ad you see and experience the value in it. That’s how you know it is yours.

So, come join in the fun of this very personal and highly interactive
workshop with the Communion of Light.

Chip Engelmann, EFT practitioner and creator of the Light Tapping? method, will be your host. Chip has a long-established relationship with the Communion of Light and I’m thrilled that he will be facilitating this event!!

Here is what you will receive when you attend this workshop:

  • Practical and personalized tools for manifesting anything.
  • More clarity about what you want to intentionally create.
  • One-on-one interaction with our non-physical friends known as the
    Communion of Light.
  • The joy of being with a group as you discover your own inner power and strengths.

This is a 90 minute workshop via conference call.

You will be able to attend via web streaming (just listening) or you can call in.

A select number of those who call in will be able to be on the “hot seat” and discover their own best personal method of manifesting money through conversation with Paul and The Communion of Light.

There are a limited number of seats all reserved on a first-come basis.

What you get when you sign up:

  • A very personal, fun and joyful workshop experience hosted and
    facilitated by Chip Engelmann, creator of the Light Tapping (SM) method.
  • The best tool for manifestation that works specifically for you!
  • Wonderful connections with other master manifestors like yourself.
  • A recording of the workshop available for streaming over the internet or download as an MP3.
  • A private 30-minute session with the Communion of Light at the reduced rate of $40 (that’s a discount of $50).

Your investment of time is about 90 minutes. And your investment of money is just $49.

To sign up, just click this link: Find Your Connection With Money

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