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Find Your Personal Connection to Money REVIEW

Find Your Personal Connection to MoneyWOW!

I didn’t get to attend the seminar, but I listened to the mp3 after, and I’ve just got to tell you this program rocked.  I just finished listening to it a couple of hours ago and I’m still excited!

If you are into the law of attraction, you know it works because you’ve manifested other things in your life, but have found money to be something that is a little harder to manifest, this is the seminar for you.

The message that I received in this program is incredible…

We are not broken, nor is the process, just because what we want is not showing up in our lives.  We just haven’t made the connection to our own manifestation process for money.

For me, I’m someone who can manifest left and right, albeit, money has been harder for me to materialize.  I’ve done it, but it’s felt like I had to SCREAM at the universe to be heard, and it was always a heavy and hard kind of thing.

What this seminar gives you is insight into how you personally manifest, and how to apply that to your money manifestations (or anything really).

We are each unique individuals, our questions, our expressions, everything, including “the how-to” of manifestation is as unique to us as our fingertips.

That’s why someone else’s program for manifestation might not be working for you.  It’s their program — their system — not yours.

With this seminar, now you can tap into your own methods of manifestation and connect the dots on how to bring more of the moola in!

How each of us creates our experiences, our reality, our life is as an “individual” thing and that is why what works for someone else might not work for you.

In this seminar, you can follow along with those chosen for the “hot seat” (if you sign up early maybe you’ll get chosen) the ones who ask the question of Paul, a channeled being by Frank Butterfield, (you’ll find an interview of him on this site)  known as part of or as the Communion of Light, a group of energetic beings, much like Abraham from Esther Hicks.

The seminar is hosted by Chip Engelmann, (read his interview here) also a friend of mine and both Chip and Frank are of the highest integrity.  You come away from this seminar with a sense of awe and a clunk of your heel on your forehead.

Paul draws out of the person their personal method of manifestation, and helps them connect the dots and provides them with the tools to manifest money.

I listened to this program, and let me tell you, it was eye-opening.

The session is $49, and with it you get a discount for a private session with Paul.  If you are serious about overcoming your money manifestation obstacles, this is the seminar for you.

To sign up go here now, the next class is March 16, and it’s going to fill up fast, especially when the word spreads of how fantastic this is.  I wouldn’t wait at all!

Workshop Details


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


8:30 PM Eastern
7:30 PM Central
6:30 PM Mountain
5:30 PM Pacific


Internet Stream / Conference Call


Only $49

You can also get a $50 discount to have a 30-minute personal session with”Paul” if you sign up for the workshop.  The cost of a personal session is $40 with the discount, otherwise, it’s $90.

To sign up, just click this link: Find Your Connection With Money

I’m serious when I say the seats will be filled quickly.  It was for the last seminar and I got an early heads up on this one!