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EFT Works On Everything!

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a combination of ancient healing practices applied with modern methods. It is based upon the premise that all dis-ease comes from deep within.  Metaphysics and quantum physics both tout that the physical realm is the last place of manifestation.


EFT points

Things experienced physically first emerge from the inner realms of being (the quantum field to scientists) and emerge outward, much as a seed planted in the cover of darkness in the ground reaches toward physical manifestation in the light.

EFT is used to help get at the core issues in our lives that are causing dis-ease, dis-comfort, or dis-satisfaction at a cellular level and remove them.   It involves a series of taps on key points upon the body while saying words. The points to tap are those considered to be key meridian lines in the body – the same points used by Chinese acupuncturists in their treatment practices.

The words uttered first start of with an acknowledgment of whatever is bothering you be it physically, mentally or emotionally. This is said in a manner that starts something similar to “even though….I have or experience this issue (whatever it is) I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Then the key phrase of the issue is said while tapping on the points of the body. (For a more thorough review of this, you can download a free manual from Emofree.com, the site created by EFT Founder Gary Craig to learn the process and view the tapping points).

The purpose of the verbiage is to bring up from a cellular level the issue that is present, address it and then remove it. The second round of tapping involves replacing the negative programming with a positive affirmation.

There are many variations of this process available on the internet and while some differ somewhat, most follow this method.

For me, I started using EFT in 2006 after signing up for Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason program. The purpose of using EFT with Bob’s program was to help release any negative programming one has experienced in their life relative to success, wealth, money, the law of attraction, or whatever else is keeping one from living a life by creation, rather than reaction.

It seemed simple enough and I remember standing in my basement (where our computer was temporarily hooked up at that time) and beginning my first self-taught EFT sessions. I went straight to my core issues, one’s I’ve known about that I thought might still be causing me some of my current problems.

As things go, it worked moderately well, but I did not see any huge improvement. I found other EFT professionals on YouTube, following along when I felt led to, and also discovered Brad Yates’ Top of the Morning tap-a-longs as well as many other programs he offers.

All in all these sessions worked fairly well, but after doing an interview on my website with Chip Engelmann, an EFT practitioner and professional, Chip decided I needed to experience a personal EFT session to understand its full benefits.

The sheer joy and exuberance that I experienced after that one session was incredible, to say the least. Chip left me with a sense of great peace and a tapping protocol to practice three times a day for three weeks.

After having success using his tapping protocol, I decided to try it myself on my acid reflux or GERD issues.

During the course of my life, I had been plagued with multiple stomach issues. At seventeen, I developed ulcers. By the time I was 42, they were cured through a strict antibiotic protocol for treatment of H. Pylori, a bacteria known to cause ulcers.

When I hit menopause (with the added weight I am EFT-ing and exercising away) I was besieged with Acid Reflux. It seems that the sphincter in the stomach relaxes with age and the stomach acid can regurgitate back into the throat causing pain and burns.

We’re talking Acid Reflux on everything I ate. After using the EFT protocol it simply disappeared. I will experience it occasionally if I eat the wrong kind of food, but this is minimal in contrast to what I experienced previously.

I was taking a daily dose of Prilosec, an acid reducing drug with other unwanted  side effects and I have now eliminated that from my diet. While I don’t claim to be totally organic or holistic in my health approach, I have stayed away from using OTC drugs or pharmaceuticals whenever possible.

I must admit that after having such success with EFT, you will find me tapping on any issue that brings me distress. I find myself also tapping using affirmations  it’s become so second-hand to me.

For me, EFT is now a permanent part of my life. I cannot believe that something so easy, self-applied, and free to use can be of such benefit. But to get the best benefit from EFT, I recommend that you find an EFT practitioner that resonates with you and work with them. Many of them offer discounts for group sessions where more than one person participates or multiple sessions when you work with them more than once.

Here are some recommendations:

Try It On Everything Documentary FilmOn Gary Craig’s site he also has recently started certifying EFT practitioners and he provides a list of practitioners in your area, though you don’t need to meet with an EFT practitioner in person, once you learn the way to tap.

Follow along with the great documentary, Try It On Everything, to see the results for yourself!

Whatever you decide, decide to make EFT a part of your life and watch how quickly the results change for you.