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EFT: The 2012 World Tapping Summit — Sign Up While You Can!

There’s nothing magical about “tapping away your pain or frustrations,” it’s more about a science than magic. In fact, EFT or tapping relies on the meridians in the body used by the Chinese for acupuncture. Instead of needles, you tap on key points on your body. The Emotional Freedom Technique known as “Tapping” over at the Tapping World Summit 2012 is set to get underway, and you can sign up today and get access to these programs for free.

Each day during the Tapping World Summit provides those who have signed up with a new guest speaker that will share with you this technique and how to apply it to different parts of your life. Other experts are to be included in the program — but you will only have 24 hours to listen to the audios for free. After that, new speakers will be shared beginning May 7 and lasting through May 16th.

If you’re like me you’ve probably looked high and low for ways to be able improve yourself and make your life better.

You know what I mean. . . reading up on what to eat if you’re looking to get fit or delving into “Law of Attraction” work to create the right mindset for success.  But what if you’ve been looking in the wrong places to improve your results? What if the truth is actually much deeper but when you find it it’s easy to solve. . .

There’s a revealing new video that I think you should see on how the brain works, what’s actually keeping you stuck and what you can
do about it:

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Hurry and don’t delay because the program goes live on the 18th of April.
My favorite part of the video is the story on “Susan.”  Susan had been wanting to improve her finances for years.

She had gone from one technique to the next but had continued to struggle.

What she didn’t realize at the time though was that there were things much deeper in her brain that were preventing her from getting the results that she wanted.

But when she used the simple technique you’ll learn in the video she was able to finally get the results that she was looking for effortlessly.

You need to see this video. Go here to see it now:

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Think about the biggest issue that you want to work on right now? Are you sure you’re doing the right things to change it?

Watch the video above to find an easier way.

P.S. – The technique that Susan used and that you’re about to learn (it only takes 7 minutes to learn in the video) has been scientifically proven to get results. I’m talking about in the lab research that has shown its effects on the body and brain.

Go here now to learn for yourself:

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