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Changing Your Life: Believe And You Will Achieve

How would you feel about the proposition that you can achieve anything – absolutely anything – in which you can believe? Well, that’s what you’re actually doing at the moment – you’re living the life that you believe you’re meant to live. Psychology tells us that we perceive only what we expect to perceive and experience only what we expect to experience. Unfortunately, because of our socialisation into a normal world and upbringing by normal parents, we have normal expectations and these normal expectations are simply no way near of where we could set our sights.

Psychological research also confirms that our lives are dictated by our subconscious mind’s view of the world. We learn our ideas of how the world works, who we are, what our strengths and weaknesses, our own self image during our early years. Our perceptions, which over time gradually become deeply held beliefs are stored in the depths of our subconscious and, in as adults, when faced with a situation where we have to take action, our actions will be dictated not be what is actually happening but by what we think is happening, based on our deeply held beliefs. In this way, normal people are unable to spot opportunity when it stares them in the face, because it is contrary to their normal expectations.

The outcome of this automatic process is that our subconscious perceptions, learned during our formative years, become our beliefs. These dictate our expectations and our behaviour and, as a result, our beliefs create our lives. Or, put another way, you achieve what you believe. Or put in an even more factual manner, we live down to our expectations.

You have to give yourself new beliefs – you must believe that you can achieve all that your heart desires. You have to be able to make a massive impression on your subconscious mind to ensure that it can focus on what you want to achieve to the extent that it believes that it is part and parcel of and a logical step up from your current life. Believing is not wishing hoping and wanting, believing is seeing, feeling, hearing smelling and tasting. Your five senses are your interface with the world. They are what you used to develop your views of your self-image during your formative years. As adults, we pay little attention to our senses, preferring to use what we learned in our formative years to make sense of today – and, in the process, make nonsense of it!

You must explain to your subconscious mind what it would be like to achieve your goal. It has to see it, feel it, hear it, smell it and taste it as if you already have it. You can make a powerful impression on your subconscious mind by handwriting the experience of the outcome, as if you’re there already, using all five senses, writing in the present tense. But – and this is a ’health warning’ – be careful what you wish for, for a focused subconscious will set about bringing about what it believes to be the life that you live – remember, that’s what its’ doing already.