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Bob Doyle – Wealth Beyond Reason

Wealth Beyond Reason

Bob Doyle is someone I consider to be a TRUE Law of Attraction Master. Put aside the fact that he was a featured teacher in the hit movie, The Secret, for a moment. Let’s talk about Bob. Bob’s a real person. I know he has experienced a sort of fame in the last few years, but beyond that, he’s a real person – who is totally honest in his endeavors and has a lot to offer.


There’s a saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Bob is one such teacher. Bob is a teacher that can really escalate you to the next level. He’s got different programs aimed at different price ranges (and payment plans) so that everybody can access his “Wealth” of information.

In November of 2006, I enrolled in his Wealth Beyond Reason Program for about $230 bucks (this has since been upgraded to $347 with the add-on of a lot of new content). Once in, you are a lifetime member.  What it is – is an online “Law of Attraction Course.”


You get to download e-books, articles, videos and recorded seminars, participate in a supportive forum and learn how to use E.F.T. as well as other clearing methodologies. Bob’s program is great. You operate at your own speed and there is enough material there that you don’t have to digest it all in one sitting. You couldn’t!

Two years later, I am still signing on and finding new material, because Bob is always adding something to the Wealth Beyond Reason Course

After signing up for his course, I started to get inspired. “I can do this online thing!” So I went out and began the process of buying domain names and setting up websites and following my passions. I love creating websites, writing articles, and connecting with people. I have ever since I was a newspaper editor.

This website, Law-of-Attraction-Masters.com is the third one I created. After signing up with Bob and reading his material, my life radically changed, but I didn’t realize it at the time. It is because of his program, that I am where I am today. Through him, I’ve directly and indirectly connected to everyone that is on this site.


After that I decided to take a book I had on the shelf and update it and created the Little Book of Becoming. I am a writer (and an artist) at heart and my heart started to sing. Then I wrote and published Changing Planes a metaphysical fiction, and I’m on my third book. All this due to signing up at Bob’s Wealth Beyond Reason program. Maybe what I’m doing isn’t your goal, but Bob is great at inspiring you to your OWN GOALS and your OWN passions so that you can lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

The Wealth Beyond Reason Programs comes in three or four different price offerings and levels so that everyone can afford it. I think the thing I like about Bob is he tells you UP FRONT – if this is going to stress you out financially, don’t buy it. He’s honest about his prices and his prices are very reasonable. He’s not out to take your money for nothing – he’s out to ensure that you understand the value of what you are purchasing and you more than get your money’s worth with Wealth Beyond Reason-The Truth about the Law of Attraction.

Bob Doyle and Carol Look got together and created this wonderful seminar that can having you tap tap tapping your problems away. It’s called EFT and the Law of Attraction with Bob Doyle and Carol Look

The Boundless Living 45 Day Challenge

Bust through any previous limitations and create the life of your dreams. Whatever goal you have, we can help you realize it, and thousands of dollars of prizes are being awarded to multiple winners. No fee to enter. You MUST at least check out the video…

Bob Doyle Teaches The Law of Attraction on DVD

You’ve seen Bob Doyle in various films talking about the power of the Law of Attraction, but now he’s produced his first SOLO project where he goes in-depth into the most commonly asked questions, and most important principles related to the Law of Attraction. Beautifully produced, and 100% content!

Whatever program you sign up for – I promise you’ll get your money’s worth!