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A Personal Genie Attraction Formula – Attractor Genie

Why is the Attractor Genie top of the list when it comes to using your computer to help you achieve your dreams?

The Brain and How it Works
Most people don’t know that the brain reacts exactly the same whether you are imagining, dreaming or actually seeing something in front of you.  The brain’s neurons, composed of the sensory, motor, receptors and interneurons, all  interact between each other and the central nervous system through chemicals and electrical impulses whether you imagine, dream, visualize or see something in front of you.

Studies with athletes have shown that when an athlete visualizes himself making the basket, hitting the ball or making the touchdown, running through the process in the whole mind first, his brain fires in the same way as if he completed the actual task.

BUT these same studies also show that these athletes who use these visualization techniques BEFORE they played on the field competitively were  more successful than those who did not.

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When you see and experience something that makes you feel happy — it sends a warm glow all over your body. Your heart mellows out and its rate drops, your blood pressure drops, your cells expand and you get a warm glow all over.

When you are sad or angry, you feel this difference, the cells contract, the blood pressure rises, the tension and anxiety increase and you may even experience the fight or flight syndrome.

What If There Were A Way to Train Your Brain Effortlessly?
Just like the athletes working for that gold medal — those who win usually knew they would — what if you could take control of your brain and create those good feelings within your body on a daily basis? I know you’ve heard it said that its takes 30 to 90 days to change a habit — what if there were a way to do it without much effort on your part?  What if all you had to do was sit in front of a computer a few minutes per day.

What would that be worth to change your life in 60 days?

Attractor Genie Law of Attraction Software
If you’ve done any research into the Secret and the law of attraction and you know it works because of those little successes, but you can’t get it to work for you on the big stuff — at least not in the way you want it to — it’s not because someone or something out there like the Universe or God is trying to keep you from what you want.

The only block to getting what you ever want in life is you.

Whatever programming lies hidden in your subconscious is what keeps you from experiencing what you want in life. Some things may come easy — these are usually things that you don’t have subconscious blocks to — other things don’t come at all — or even worse — the opposite happens. This is a clue that there’s something buried in that subliminal closet that you cannot get to.

It only rears its ugly head when the subconscious button is pushed.

You’ve been programmed with lots of crap from the time you were born, mostly by unconscious choice — but this isn’t about who’s fault it is — this is about how you change that.

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Retrain Your Brain
Your subconscious mind is full of programs, some good, some not so good. Everybody has issues with something or another — and the only way to get past them is to retrain your brain.

You need a reboot.

Create Your Own Reality — Create What You Want
When John Petrov, the creator of the Attractor Genie, realized that after spending countless dollars on books and programs that weren’t working for him, even though he knew they should, he decided to try a different tact. He needed something he could use on auto-pilot to help him get past those subconscious blocks. He realized that to get what he wanted — he needed to retrain his brain.

He went out and looked for law of attraction software to help do just that and he couldn’t find any. So he decided he needed to create something for himself that would help him get on track.

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The Attractor Genie was born.
He didn’t create this software to sell, he created it for himself, to change his own life.  Only when just after 60 short days he went from completely broke and depressed to living his dreams, he knew he had to share it.

He combined three types of learning modalities to ensure he didn’t miss anything.

He created software that appeals to your senses and your style of learning, whether you are Auditory (hearing-type), Visual (see pictures when people talk) or Kinesthetic (feel things inwardly or in your gut).

This software helps identify and eliminate the unconscious subliminal beliefs you may have preventing you from achieving your goals. Are you aware that a positive thought and feeling can be easily canceled out by a subsequent unconscious belief?

That’s what makes this program great — it helps eliminates those beliefs and replaces them with positive ones.  With little to no effort.

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Read what others have said after using this software:

“Unconsciously I have asked for your software as thousands of others have. That is why you made this software John, to fill the vacuum that was created by thousands of people.

I personally needed and wanted a logic software to manage all my ideas, to make my mind movie to keep track of my projects. I wrote them down on papers several times but that is not the easiest way.

As soon as I saw your software I knew this was the software I was looking for. To manage all my projects and dreams in one easy-to-use software.

What I am really fond of is the subliminal messaging because from former books I know this works.

With the video tutorials you created, to help use the software, it is as easy as a walk in the park. The tutorials are very clear, well-made and inspiring. After watching these, I could use the user friendly software right away. Also the interface is very practical and easy in use. I like the set-up with tabs on top.”

And another…

The Three Which I like Most:

The Home Taskbar
“It is very simple, but it’s the soul of the entire software. Why?  Because it provides the very basic information about my vision, my purpose, my values and my identity. This basic information always reminds me to keep going, to keep moving in my life and to keep focused. In every situation you want to attract, you need to “FOCUS” and this feature of attractor genie really helps me a lot.”

The Daily Journal
“This feature helps me to keep “FOCUS” on my everyday life. The Daily Journal is a systematic plan to use the Law of Attraction. With hundreds of questions to answer, depending on situation, the application of law of attraction will be very simple. In fact, I used it in my review in licensure examination. I used it to track every important points that I need to pay attention in a day. The result of my exam will be out in the next two to three months, but I am very confident that it will be positive.”

The Attractor Movie
“The attractor movie is like the other movie programs. It is the entertainment area of this software. I like it.”

As with most things in life, your results may not be typical of the results experienced by these folks, but you will never know until you try… and he offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.  It doesn’t get better than that.

ACT NOW to get your 11 videos that show how the program works. I honestly don’t know how long he will have the free videos up so hop on over and sign up via this link:

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