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I’ve been working with these principles since the mid 1970s and created some pretty wonderful — and not so wonderful stuff in my life.  But, after making a commitment to myself in 1995, things changed and I haven’t looked back.

Before I made that commitment, I used to dream about a lot of things — one of which was designing and building my dream house in the Sierra.  If you think we did this because we had a “lot of money” or hired a bunch of contractors — think again.  We started this project with a construction loan and a little bit of cash, that’s it — and we fully expected to hire people to do the work for us: NOT!

Neither my husband nor I had any design or construction experience when we started this project.  He’d done some cabinet refacing, some tile work and built a less-than-perfect dog house.  Had we known what we would face, I can’t honestly say we would take it on.  But that’s the beauty of working with the Universe as your partner — you just need to take the first steps and She will meet you along your journey.

We drew to us a contractor, who for a few hundred dollars provided us a real-live “crash-course” in construction over a two-day period.  From there, we took over.

What we did hire contractors for are these things: grading, foundation, septic, trusses, sheetrock, insulation, HVAC and carpet.

That’s it!

We did ABSOLUTELY everything else, without experience, but with the Universe by our side every step of the journey.

I’m here to tell you that the LAW of ATTRACTION works — it brought me what you see below (but yes, we had to take action in a BIG way); it brought me my dream car, my dream mate and more than I can even share in this small space.  Over the years, the Universe has been very good to me — I have no complaints — only thankfulness that I live to see such times as these!

And — for phase two sequence one — in March of 2011 — I am leaving the day job behind after 40 years of working for the corporate world.  I will be working 100% from home in the comfort of the office I designed in 2000 for just that purpose.  Yep, we moved onto the land in 2000 and it took us three years to build, two years to “pretty her up” and a few more years just hanging out while working the land.

The dream of working from home, I have held close to my heart for nigh on 20 years, but it wasn’t until I hooked up with Bob Doyle from the movie “The Secret” by joining his Wealth Beyond Reason program, now offered as  Boundless Living in 2007 that I started to dream big.

Yes, I have been involved with the majority of these programs within these pages at one time or another — so I could improve my own life and two — to share with you.  If a program doesn’t work, you won’t find it on these pages.  And not every program here will work for you — it’s a matter of finding what resonates with you — but get enrolled in the courses that will lead you to your dreams.

Sometimes we need the help of others to break through our limitations.

Here’s just one thing we created using the law of attraction:

Little Book of Becoming: Understanding the Law of Attraction-The Primer to Living Inside Out

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Laurie Brenner

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