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Laurie J. Brenner, Author, Publisher & Attraction Marketer

Hello – you’ve found LOAM, the fertile ground where you can learn to grow the desires of your heart.

I bet you’ve thought that you can’t get what you want out of life. I’ve been there before too.  Back in the eighties I lived in a trailer on a mountaintop with no running water and electricity.  Beautifully brutal amidst the center of nature, I learned many things, saw many things, and discovered secrets long buried in my soul.

Now I live in the house a dream built, Wildwind, on ten acres of magic sliced right from heaven.  I write this to you from my third story office with windows on three sides.  Each window looks more and more like a painting, only the view changes as the light travels through the sky and the weather devas change the face of the day, depending upon their moods.

Believe me when I tell you that I know what it’s like to desire something different but not know how to go about aligning one’s self with one’s desire.

I’ve learned by being and then doing.  And sometimes it’s a lot harder to just BE your desires instead of doing something about them.  But sometimes that’s exactly what it takes.  Learning to be and then allowing inspired action to flow from that wonderful state of being.

Abraham-Hicks is 200% correct – when you just allow things to be the way they are and know that the better you feel – the better it gets.  And the better it gets – the better it gets. It is such a delicious ride.

That’s what the Law of Attraction is all about.   Bringing you your desires based upon what you are vibrating (emitting, feeling, expressing).  Here, on this website, you may be able to learn how to align your vibrations with your desires.  That’s all up to you.  No-one else can do that for you, because life isn’t lived from the outside in, it’s lived Inside Out.

Wildwind - living the dream

If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, we can help. I’m Laurie J. Brenner, author, publisher, artist, grandmother, Wind Whisperer, earth mother, gardener, land yacht owner, scullery maid and first mate.   Magic follows me everywhere I go.

In a past life, I used to be a managing editor of a California historical weekly newspaper. I know about investigating things and getting to the real bottom of the story – I know about finding the truth.

In these pages, you’ll find out what I’ve learned.  Not only in my own journeys, The Little Book of Becoming, but also in stories that have come to me from the inside out,  Changing Planes, and from Law of Attraction Masters, other folks and other websites.

Here in this space, we share inspirational articles and blogs, but more importantly, we investigate personal development programs, meditation tapes, Law of Attraction Masters and all kinds of programs and people to ensure that if you’re going to spend your money on something – it’s worth it!

If someone’s not on this website it’s because one of two things:  I haven’t had the opportunity to write about them OR they don’t know what they’re talking about.  Every person and program you will find here are of the highest integrity.  I only add people and/or programs to this site that I hold in high regard.

Have you checked out our new Free Angel Card Readings? they come to us courtesy of  Dyan Garris over at Voice of The Angels a beautiful site with many gifts to offer.

Take a moment to breathe and enjoy the fresh air that is coming to you via  the Wildwind atop the Western Slope of the Sierra – a doorway into God’s country.

Please feel free to browse around.  We add stuff all the time.  Things are continually morphing as it were and new people and programs are added all the time.  In my world, everything is Magical – and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you – the magic I’ve learned.

If you have a question you think you’d like to ask, drop me an email. I do respond to honest and heart-felt requests.  Spam I simply ignore.  It’s not worth my time.  Sign up for my monthly newsletter if you want me to stay in touch.

Be well today, for All Is Truly Well!

If you don’t think so or you disagree – stop right this moment – go outside – find something from nature, anything, and just spend a few minutes with it.  I guarantee you that something will wash through you and let you know that all is really well.

Heaven will find you – for Heaven Knows Where You Are.

Listen closely for she comes to you upon the whispers of the wind.

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