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A True Ghost Story

To those of you who have read my book, The Little Book of Becoming I apologize for telling this story again.  To those of you who have read Changing Planes, a metaphysical fiction, you may not be aware but this story below is the catalyst behind it.

I’ve been on my journey for 57 years this month, and being born in San Diego, California, to a woman who Orson Welles once bought a drink for because she looked like his ex-wife Rita Hayworth, you could say my childhood wasn’t what one would call normal in any sense of the word.

I’ve been through a lot more than the average bear.  Yep, my mom was in a couple of movies with Esther Williams and a whole slew of MGM stars, and then she traveled all over Europe with Buster Crabbe (the original Flash Gordon) in his Aqua Parade, which is like the Ice Capades, only in a performed in a swimming pool instead of on the ice.

I never realized how different my life was from other kids until much later, and though we went through a lot of hell, I wouldn’t change a thing about my past.


Because I am the result of it, and I’m a good person.  I love people, I love stories (movies, art, music, and a whole lot more) true and fiction, and I love touching people on the inside, letting them know they’re not alone and that life can be really wonderful.  I love helping folks to feel different about themselves and about their world.  I love giving people back to themselves.

This is why I write, and this is why I build websites.  So with that, check out my true ghost story below, and be sure to leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you!

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