Law of Attraction Masters

A Matter Of The Heart

When all is said and done with the law of attraction and other teachings of manifestation–it all comes down to one thing:  it’s a matter of the heart.

The heart energy center is the place where everything comes together.  Your heart is the spiritual mechanism through which you create your life.

You may or may not know about the 7 energy centers of the body.  These spinning wheels of energy are known as CHAKRAS and are centered over nerve clusters that sprout out from your spine like bunches of flowers.

Each of these 7 centers has a color associated with it as well as specific organs within the body.  The bottom three chakra, beginning at the root at the base of the spine, the second chakra centered between the root and the third which is the guardian, the gate, the seal over the center of your stomach, all deal with emotion, creation and body.

The top three chakra, the throat, third eye and crown, all deal within the realms of expression of thought, psychic vision and spirit.

If you were to assign a gender to these energies the bottom three would be female and the top three would be male.

heartfieldWhen they are co-joined in the middle, in the heart chakra, when they engage as one, this sacred union, the great mystery, this marriage of male to female, this embrace of thought and emotion, this eternal dance of creation until neither is male or female–it is then that the heart center palpitates the eternal weave of the Divine Matrix, the Field, The Source, the Great Pattern of All Patterns–it is then that our moments are created and life propels us forward.

Thought married to emotion in a meeting in your heart creates your moments, all of them.  Creates your experiences.  All of them.  Creates your life.  All of it.

Your heart is an electro-magnetic pulsating human engine pumping not only the blood through your body, but your desires into the Field for fulfillment.

With that said, there is love enough for all.  Give yourself joy, feel the feelings of gratitude, pump them through your heart into your world and watch your life change.

It’s that simple.

It really is.

If you have 8 minutes. Watch this video. Really listen. I know the tape is not of the highest quality, but it’s what’s being said that counts.

Blessings to you this day.

In Love and Light, Namaste

Is it truly any wonder why so many people have heart attacks?

It’s a Matter Of The Heart.