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45 Days To A New Life

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By now you may have heard of Bob Doyle, one of 24 master teachers in the movie, The Secret. I am a student of Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason Program. I began the program after my husband and I completed our three-story dream house (which we built ourselves using the Law of Attraction, without any construction experience or knowledge which would have been much easier had I been enrolled in Bob’s program beforehand).  I wanted a program to help me reach my next goal: that of publishing a book.

I enrolled in Bob’s WBR program in November of 2006 and by 2007, I had my first book published and with the aid of the Boundless Living Challenge, went on to complete my second book in 2008. I have published not one, but two books. Bob’s programs work!

The Boundless Living Challenge is Bob’s most successful program and a new challenge starts April 16, 2009. It’s a 45-day program based in a community of like-minded people, artists, writers, musicians, small business entrepreneurs, and people from all over the world.
The purpose of the site is to help you achieve the life of your dreams with an incredible support group to help you get there. If you’ve found yourself blocked or stopped on achieving something that is heartfelt and meaningful to you, this is the program for you!

Join The Boundless Living Challenge Now

That’s 45 days to the life of your dreams! The key elements of the program are:

  • There is No fee to enter.
  • Tremendous support and encouragement.
  • Proven, powerful tools for getting “un-stopped.”
  • Any category accepted!
  • Start a new business!
  • Share your hidden talent!
  • Transform your body!
  • Track your progress online.
  • An unparalleled opportunity to succeed.
  • Ongoing coaching throughout the 45 days.
  • No goal too big or too small. It’s YOUR dream!

What Are Your Challenges?

What challenges would you like to overcome in your own life? Are you looking to start an on-line business, but can’t seem to get motivated? Are you trying to get fit? Maybe you want to break into writing, painting, or singing. Maybe you’re a crafts person and you have a specialty you enjoy as a hobby and you’d like to learn how to make money at it. Maybe you want to learn to communicate better or have a better relationship with your spouse.

Whatever your challenge, the Boundless Living Challenge can help you achieve that! I know – I’ve participated and I think it’s a great 45-day program!

The Boundless Living Challenge is one of the biggest success stories in WBR’s history, changing more lives in a concentrated time than any other undertaking – AND it’s doesn’t cost a dime to participate.

Join The Boundless Living Challenge Now

Though first launched July of 2007, many of the original participants are STILL active in the community, taking on bigger and better dreams all the time, with a KNOWING that they will succeed!

All you have to do is spend a bit of time in the challenge area to see what I’m talking about, and read some of the Final Essays that people post summarizing their experience.

It’s A Very Powerful Program!

Signing up for this program is a total win all the way around. This event won’t cost you anything, and you’re may be offered a look at the Wealth Beyond Reason program, but only if you so desire, it is not required for participation in the Boundless Living Challenge.

Join The Boundless Living Challenge Now

People simply LOVE the Challenge – it’s a great community-and I’m here to tell you that it helped me get my books published!

There are no hard sells for any product or service in the Boundless Living Challenge, though opportunities for some of Bob’s program are available from time to time. You won’t be beaten over the head with hard sells on his  other programs. The Boundless Living Challenge area is a very safe place for you to explore your own potential, whatever that may be.

The next 45 day Challenge begins April 16, 2009.

I urge you to act quickly to join the Challenge. It won’t cost you anything and you don’t HAVE to participate, but you can be a PART of a huge community that is making a difference in their own lives and the lives of other community members.

Act Now!

Join The Boundless Living Challenge Now

l hope to see you there! Look me up in Members – do a member search by last name and add me as your friend! I’ll be in your support group!

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